Returning: Stranger Things

It's a long way off but we now have a date for Season 3.

Netflix used New Year’s Eve to reveal the premiere date of the third season of Stranger Things: July 4 2019.

A video toyed with a classic Dick Clark NYE tradition.

The July date makes it more than 18 months after the last return, which was Halloween 2017. This season will have a summer backdrop as a result.

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    1. Well this is only a one trick show, its main attraction during season one was the unseen monster and sense of foreboding about the alternative universe opened up by a government agency and the military, it was a re-imagining in J.J. Abrams style of ‘The Mist’ with a selection of good actors, season 2 was always going to depend on curiosity for what will happen next as fans were invested in the kids and Eleven’s fate in particular. The aging process will make time jumps essential for the teenage cast members, but an 18 month wait is far too long, this could be a negative, we will wait and see.

    1. Same here. When I subscribed to Netflix I was informed by several friends this was the series to watch. On description I was a little put off but wow, did this one surprise me. Cannot wait for its return.

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