Rumour: Seven to hold back Home & Away for MKR?

A sign of the competition ramping up no doubt, but TV Tonight hears whispers Seven may hold back Home and Away for several weeks in order to screen My Kitchen Rules at 7pm.

That would give Seven the jump (presumably) on Married at First Sight returning at 7:30pm Monday January 28.

Last year MAFS had several ratings wins over Seven’s long-running cooking contest. Would Nine consider holding back A Current Affair to go head to head…?

It would also hit 10 hard which launched I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here to strong numbers in its bold mid-January launch.

The start of the 2019 TV year means war.

Update: Confirmed for 7pm Monday January 28.


  1. Much simpler solution: take the news back to half an hour. The second half is a waste of time anyway, so put H&A on at 6.30, and the competition shows at 7pm.

    Horse has bolted, though…

  2. Confirmed with ads for MKR and Home and Away “returns in February”.

    I dont watch either show but if you liked Home and Away you would have every right to be annoyed

  3. Wow, another scoop to you David spot on!
    Again an example of 7 disrespecting drama for reality!
    Also shows how worries 7 are about MKR?!
    Can I hope for a final season?
    As for H&A starting February latest start ever and will I doubt lead to endless doubles and triples (again perpetualating reality and sport over drama)!
    Yet they will still get their drama points in!

  4. I don’t suppose David you would reveal your sources but clearly you were spot on. I confess I don’t watch either program but it’s interesting to me that Channel 7 must be a little nervous about their once conquering cooking/bitchfest show to move it at an earlier starting time. Let the games begin.

  5. Home And Away is returning in February after the Cricket, this has been confirmed by a Home And Away Facebook post. No date confirmed though, I’d assume Monday 18 February.

  6. This is the final nail in the coffin. Sick of these double:triple catch ups, but delaying the show a few months for that annoying cooking garbage…. yawn. Will stick to Neighbours.

  7. As this is a rumour I wouldn’t take is seriously. I very much doubt they’d move MKR to the Home and Away slot-or we fans will riot! MKR is a disgusting show and it better not replace Home and Away. Otherwise I’d be forced to give up CH 7 altogether.

  8. H&A is produced for 5-nights-a-week screening. But because Seven doesn’t play H&A on Fridays to start BH&G at 7pm, we get those occasional catch-up nights when they play 3 eps in a row. How worse would it be if they bump H&A back a few weeks. More catch-ups?! They still have to produce enough episodes to fulfill overseas contracts.

    I no longer watch H&A. It’s the new, improved Neighbours for me, which now has new episodes each and every week of the year.

  9. Here’s an idea. Put H&A on 7Two ad free. It would be over in 22 mins then those watching could switch to MKR on 7 instead of the beginning of MAFS on 9

  10. Well, it makes sense as a way to get a jump on the opposition. If it works though, they will do it again and again with new and returning shows, which makes you wonder about Home and Away’s’ future….

    • *sigh* of course they would. This week every pic they’ve use are former H&A stars and 1 H&A Star. They knew the previous 2 issues had a huge response to Neighbours but of course they didn’t care

  11. So they plan to screw around H&A even more than they already when the AFL is on. Good way to destroy a 30 year legacy of a scripted drama. These people work hard every day to make this show, and they plan to bump it for an inane reality show.

  12. 7 should move Home and Away to one of their Seconday Channels like 7Two, 7Mate or 7Flix and air it at 6pm Monday-Fridays instead of holding it back in favour of MKR.

  13. How stupid! I don’t watch H&A any more but that would be really unfair to loyal fans on the back of their cliffhanger….and how would they catch up all those episodes? Poor fans will have doubles and triples for weeks….if they don’t trust MKR then 7 have a real problem….it has probably run its course. I personally won’t be watching MKR or MAFS both don’t appeal. Thank goodness for the ABC…

  14. I have always said Ten should go back to a 7pm start for their prime time shows. Looks like its about to return. MKR may suffer this year from over exposure. The season is simply just to long now.

  15. From Monday 28th January there will be no Big Bash games on until 9.15pm on Sundays-Wednesdays, with the exception of the final. I’d understand if they moved it forward to 7pm to accommodate the cricket but that isn’t the case. In the long term Home and Away should be the bigger priority

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