TV Tonight Awards 2018: Story of the Year, Best Channels.

ABC’s implosion, in which managing director Michelle Guthrie was fired by chairman Justin Milne, was the biggest story in 2018 according to TV Tonight readers.

It topped the list in the Story of the Year category. The saga dominated media stories in September and October, triggering investigations into political interference and became the subject of a Four Corners exposé on ABC itself.

Guthrie is currently pursuing legal action against the broadcaster while a new managing director and chairman are yet to be announced.

In second place was the ongoing fallout of 2017’s #MeToo revolution (it topped the list in 2017).¬† Various court cases involving actors Geoffrey Rush, Craig McLachlan and John Jarratt have been prominent in headlines across the year.

A major shake-up of sports rights, particularly involving Tennis & Cricket swapping networks, nabbed third place.

Some readers also left comments regarding Karl’s firing from Today in this category, which took place after voting commenced.

But there was good news for ABC too, voted as Best Free to Air channel once again.

* denotes runaway winner

Story of the Year.

Best Free to Air Channel: ABC
(2017: ABC)

Best Subscription TV Channel: Showcase
BBC First
FOX Sports
(2017: Showcase)

Best Streaming Service: Netflix *
Kayo Sport
10 All Access
Amazon Prime

There were 568 surveys completed this year, up on last year’s 433.

38% of you visit the site More than Once a Day, and 31% visit Once a Day.

92% of readers voted the site Excellent or Very Good. Not a single vote chose Disappointing!

Thanks once again to all who participated!


  1. Agree that Nine Fairfax should be included. I notice that Nine news which previously was quite neutral on the political front has already moved to the Left, although at this stage in a subtle way which other viewers may not have noticed. The conservatives are looking at a hiding anyway so the shift by Nine won’t make any difference this time.

  2. Ten getting sucked into Nine’s fake bid for the cricket and losing the BBL will be the most significant. It leaves Ten with nobody watching over Summer which will flow on to the rest of their schedule. Seven getting the cricket and Nine the Tennis is a nil – nil draw. The ABC will do better without Guthrie and Milne, as the CEO has little influence over the staff and had lost their confidence and the Chairman has zero power.

  3. Great Job David, I check this site at least 10 times a day, to see if there are any new articles, even while you’re on “hiatus” and too read some of the comments.

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