TV Tonight Awards: Worst of 2018

Maybe it was the fact that voting took place amid a torrent of tabloid stories but Karl Stefanovic has copped the brunt of the “Worst” votes in the TV Tonight Awards for 2018.

Stefanovic has been voted Most Overexposed Personality and that infamous Uber call has taken out the Blunder of the Year.

The former Today show host has now been voted Most Overexposed for 5 years in a row. If there is any good news, it is that this year the Worst Male / Female categories were abandoned in the spirit of positivity.

But 10’s go-to personalities Grant Denyer and Julia Morris join media man Eddie McGuire on the Over-exposed list and for the first time, Dr. Chris Brown. Readers want to see more variation in host casting, please.

Reality shows dominated the Worst Australian Show of 2018 with My Kitchen Rules a surprise first-time “winner” of this category and concerning, just ahead of a 10th season. Newcomers Dance Boss, Game of Games and Blind Date all made the cut -none have been announced for 2019.

The World Cup fail by Optus was another strong showing in Blunder of the Year followed by the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony and Roseanne‘s online rant which ultimately led to her losing her show. Amongst the “Other” suggestions by readers was a late showing for the 10 Boss / Bold rebranding.

There were 568 completed surveys this year.

Blunder of the Year: Karl Stefanovic Uber Call
#Floptus World Cup Fail
Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony snubs athletes
Roseanne Barr rant
Sunrise: Indigenous adoption panel
10 All Access pricing
Susan Hannaford interview
ACA tracks down The Bachelor in PNG
SKY News: Blair Cottrell, Ross Cameron racism on Outsiders
Tech fail as Ian Henderson bids farewell
Bert Newton Logies speech
Sam Newman “quits” Footy Show on air
Wentworth “axed” rumours
Jessica Mauboy Eurovision dress
(2017: Whitejacketgate)

Most Overexposed: Karl Stefanovic 
Grant Denyer
Eddie McGuire
Julia Morris
Dr. Chris Brown / David Koch
(2017: Karl Stefanovic)

Worst Australian Show: My Kitchen Rules 
Dance Boss
Married at First Sight
Game of Games
Blind Date
(2017: Yummy Mummies)

Worst International Show: The Big Bang Theory
Keeping up with the Kardashians
The Conners
Love Island UK
(2017: The Big Bang Theory)

Tomorrow: Story of the Year, Best Channels.


  1. From what i am finding out of late is that the best shows on TV come on between 10.30 pm and the early hours. The old movies that are on at the moment are great as well.

  2. If there was a poll for best talent to work with, Karl wins hands down. The best guy to work alongside, always looking after the crew. Can’t say that for too many out there.

  3. I’m really surprised that Big Bang got the worst international show. I can name a few and Big Bang isn’t one of them.

    Grant Denyer should have gotten most overexposed award. And I’m not surprised Dance Boss, Game of Games and First Date rated the worst. They just offer nothing new!

    Bring back factual shows!

    • Half of the population is of below average intelligence-perhaps they just don’t understand it (although it’s not what it once was as a comedy these days)-was also heavily over repeated in previous years but much less so now.

  4. MKR Im guessing got voted the worst because of all the fighting and bitchiness that went on.
    The big bang theory is not the worst international tv show either.

  5. I wouldnt say that MAFS is the 3rd worst show, but I’d say that game of games failed. The contestants scream way too much and that the cost of production was too great. DWTS will fail in 2019 on 10

  6. This year, my choices have been in alignment with a lot of the winners (hello Wentworth and Australian Survivor for the best and MKR for worst!) but I’ve actually had more sympathy for Karl Stefanovich than ever before of late. If there’s a silver lining, surely he won’t win the overexposed award next year.

  7. I’m a little out of majority here. I voted MKR as best reality show and I love 2 of the ‘worst international shows’. Viewerland is certainly full of diverse tastes!

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