TV Tonight turns 12!

TV Tonight marks 12 years online today (plus a few more on radio before that….).

The site remains the industry go-to, with an enviable archive over 61,000 posts across Free to Air, Pay TV & Streaming and 467,000+ comments. Across 2018 there were scoops, breaking news and featured sections for Upfronts, Pilot Week, Logies, Eurovision & Commonwealth Games as well as a Nostalgia Week series.

My continued thanks to you for your ongoing loyalty, but first an apology from me.

Last year I flagged a site refresh, which has taken longer than expected. A redesign has been underway to be revealed soon. Progress has also been made with Network 10 and I look forward to resuming Programming posts asap.

Results of the TV Tonight Awards will be published next week, with Hiatus to conclude at the end of the month and the annual Programmers’ Wrap ahead of ratings returning.

At this time of year I also look back on the interviews the site conducted in the last 12 months . Once again this is a ‘who’s who’ of stars (both veterans & emerging), CEOs, execs, writers, directors, producers  & crew -and that’s not including red carpet chats!

Aaron Pedersen
Adam Demos
Adrian Swift
Andrew Denton
Angus Ross
Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann
Asher Keddie
Billy Betts
Blake Ashyford
Brett Lee
Brook Hall
Bruce Meagher
Cameron Daddo
Charlie Pickering
Constance Zimmer
Craig McPherson
Craig Reucassel
Daina Reid
Damon Herriman
Daniel Monaghan
Darren Criss
Darren Wick
Dave O’Neill
David Berry
David Koch
Deborah Kennedy
Deborah Mailman
Donnie Sutherland
Edwina Bartholomew
Ewen Leslie
Frank Holden
Georgie Gardner
Graeme Blundell
Greg Evans
Hamish and Andy
Hamish Turner
Indya Moore
James Bracey
Jeffrey Walker
Jessica Tovey
Jo Porter
Jo Van Es
Joel Creasey
John Deeks
Julia Zemiro
Julian Cress
Karl Stefanovic
Kate Atkinson
Laurence Boxhall
Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen
Leah Purcell
Lincoln Lewis
Lisa Scott
Lorraine Bayly
Maggie Beer
Marta Dusseldorp
Matt Moran
Melissa Doyle
Michael Ebeid
Michael Pope
Michael Rowland
Michael Carrington
Mike Goldman
Mike Munro
Mike Sneesby
Myf Warhurst
Nadine Garner
Nazeem Hussain
Neil Peplow
Pamela Rabe
Paul Bangay
Paul Barry
Paul McDermott
Peter Duncan
Phoebe Tonkin
Rebecca Gibney
Rebecca Heap
Richard Lyle
Robyn Butler
Rove McManus
Ryan Corr
Sacha Horler
Sam Dastyari
Sammy J
Scott Ryan
Shane Withington
Shaynna Blaze
Sonia Kruger
Stephen Curry
Steve Burling
Takaya Honda
Terry Norris
Tess Haubrich
The Delpechitra Family
Tim Ferguson
Tracey Robertson
Tracy Grimshaw
Val Lehman
Virginia Trioli
Wyatt Nixon Lloyd
Yael Stone


    • I know… it’s frustrating. I didn’t like where the design was going so back to square one. Apologies it is taking longer than I would like, not ideal, but better than serving up something lesser.

  1. Hello David, a belated happy birthday to TV Tonight! I must have stumbled across this site searching for something TV-related, and now it’s become a daily addiction…thank you for all the work you put into it, it is hugely appreciated.

  2. Many thanks for so many messages. Even Google seemed to know it was my TVT birthday (which is a bit scary). Hope they won’t mind me sharing but I have had lovely notes from Mal Walden, Sarah Harris, Angela Bishop, Tim Bailey, Bevan Lee, Peter Ford, Rob McKnight, Luke Dennehy. Cheers!

  3. daveinprogress

    A big hearty congratulations to you David on another marvellous milestone. Your longevity and considerable significance in the landscape is testament to your huge skill and energy and passion for what you do! Bravo.

  4. carolemorrissey

    Gee that’s gone fast. Seems like it was only yesterday it was it’s 10 year anniversary. Congrats & look forward to many more years.

  5. Maev....Sydney

    Yes…it does seem like we just had the 10th…Thank you…what you do is amazing….
    I came here from Google…trying to find TV info that was no where else to be found…
    As a person who enjoys words and composition….I enjoy your writing equally as much as the content.
    Looking forward to all you bring to we followers this coming year… ⭐🙂

  6. I just wanted to add my thanks to the wave of praise you’ve already received, David! I’ve been an avid reader/supporter since 2007 and I can’t adequately express my gratitude to you for the information/entertainment you’ve provided. I couldn’t even name another Australian-based TV site (which I’m sure would horrify your competitors). Well done and congratulations!!!

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