Yumi Stynes v Kerri-Anne: “You’re sounding quite racist right now.”

A debate over Australia Day has resulted in a fiery exchange on Studio 10 between Yumi Stynes and Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

When KAK suggested city-based ‘Invasion Day’ protestors were ignoring social problems in rural areas Yumi Stynes objected, accusing her of “racist” views and generalising.


    • If you’re still that upset about something Yumi said back in 2012, I won’t tell you what KAK said about rape victims of footy players in 2010.

  1. Who would disagree that the issues KAK raised should be addressed (although there is some disagreement about her “statistics”)? It’s the way she raised it and the reason she raised it that “sounds racist”.
    I’m a white male and will never experience racism, so when POC say they are offended by what she said and that it’s racist, I’ll trust their life experience over any white persons.

  2. KAK’s assumption that Aboriginal women and babies “in the outback” are being raped etc. was the racist bit, and YS was right to call it out. The idea that this only happens in the “outback”, and only to Aboriginal women, is where it gets racist. It’s also not really relevant to the idea of changing the date, and it’s a version of the “throw the dead cat on the table” trick by KAK. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_cat_strategy

    • I agree she shouldn’t have linked the issues together. But the stats show that Aboriginal women are more likely to be attacked. The Australian public should be outraged on what goes on in some communities. But YS comments mean that it cannot be discussed without being called a racist.

    • How can it be racist, it’s happening! Arnt we meant to discuss things like this? By not talking about it, are you hoping it will go away or are you hoping it will continue so you can be outraged??

  3. Yumi is a tweenie who is so politically correct she gets offended on behalf of everyone. I love KAK’s line of get new glasses. Having said that I think Yumi should be on the show as a regular guest. KAK’s opinions are so right wing she should have her own show on sky news

  4. Someone’s desperate to revive her flat lining media career with controversial antics. Hopefully the new EP just discovered the reason this woman hasn’t been on television since she killed “The Circle”.

  5. What KAK was trying to say was if the 5,000 protesters did something productive like go to the bush and actually help the Aboriginal communities that desperately need help. She wasn’t being racist. There is nothing racist about what KAK said.

    Every year people waste their time and cause a stir that no one listens to. the change the date debate has go on for a decade or more and nothing has happened… Why? because it’s just a date. It has no importance. It celebrates our country nothing more. the “invasion” had already happened. So calling January 26 invasion day is false. Here’s proof. youtube.com/watch?v=GN9-jFB_HpY Ignore the video title, it’s the only one I could find. Watch til the end. you’ll get educated.

    • So of it’s just a date that doesn’t matter, there shouldn’t be any resistance to changing it.

      Kennerley said a lot more than what you posted. And it was racist and offensive. If you don’t know why, maybe try listening to the people who it hurts rather than defending it.

      • In my view…..its is more racist if everyone ignores the indigenous social issues and don’t do anything. Here KAK was wanting to give these issues some voice. These kids need to be protected and educated so this abuse can be minimised for future indigenous generations. It is a embarrassment to our country. This has to be a priority and both sides of government needs to get there heads out of the sand.

  6. why is it that if you dont agree with someone who wants to change the date or you disagree with anything they say , they then label you racist . since when was it racist to have a different point of view

  7. Putting to one side who was right and wrong, that was Great Tele! KAK is a legend. Always has been. Nine made a terrible mistake letting her go. And Yumi is great too. I wish Sarah hadn’t felt the need to ‘bring it back a notch’. Why? We need more open and passionate debate on TV. If the opinion shapers are allowed to slug it out then maybe our political leaders will feel more confident to debate real issues – through to a conclusion. So again, thanks KAK and Yumi. Keep it up!

  8. Kerri Anne comes across as though she’s somewhat superior to the others on this panel. Daily Mail reported she had seperate run-ins with Sarah Harris and Natarsha Belling the other week (palmed-off as a jokes).
    But “we all love each other”.

  9. Coincidence that Yumi had also been talking about creating a “something to go viral on social media” would mean her radio bosses would be pleased….

  10. I’ve noticed KAKs views on a lot of topics seem to follow a philosophy of “if you can’t completely solve every aspect of an issue, you shouldn’t be trying to do anything at all”. It’s an attitude that is rife in the American gun control debate. I don’t like it.

    • Interesting. If you are with yumi then presume you believe KAK was racist. Can anybody explain to me how it is racist. What is racist about KAK wanting to improve social issues of indigenous people. We as a nation have to provide better education to indigenous communities so the children have every opportunity for their futures. Maybe I am considered racist too.

      • I don’t think KAK comments were racist as such, but the debate was about Australia Day, and she took it in a completely different direction. She haa shown herself to be very narrow minded and elitist on many issues.

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