10’s night of woes deepens

Ratings: Against Nine's juggernaut, another show on the 10 schedule is in strife, as SVU lands behind SBS.

While it is under attack by Nine’s juggernaut and it lacks a stripped reality show, 10 has endured another punishing night at just 7.6% share for its primary channel.

Married at First Sight was #1 and topped the demos on 1.27m viewers well ahead of My Kitchen Rules at 740,000.

ABC’s Hard Quiz (662,000) and 7:30 (584,000) managed a combined third place with 10’s Bondi Rescue trailing in fourth place at just 312,000 / 271,000 viewers.

As if it didn’t have enough to worry about 10 now has a new scheduling problem: Law & Order: SVU was fifth in its slot at just 195,000 / 174,000 -beaten by an SBS doco 212,000.

Nine Network won Wednesday with 33.5% then Seven 29.1%, ABC 16.8%, 10 13.9% and SBS 6.7%.

Elsewhere Nine News  drew 901,000 / 883,000 for Nine then  A Current Affair (765,000), Hot Seat (481,000 / 286,000), New Amsterdam (436,000) and True Medical (193,000).

Seven News won it slot with 963,000 / 923,000. Home & Away drew 647,000 then The Chase (545,000 / 348,000), Undercurrent (450,000) and The Taxi Cab Rapist (208,000).

ABC News was best for ABC at 698,000. Rosehaven drew 482,000 then Would I Lie to You? (269,000), Get Krack!n (227,000), The Drum (207,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (168,000).

The Project (383,000 / 228,000) led for 10. 10 News First was 362,000. Law & Order: SVU was just 195,000 / 174,000 and Pointless was only 172,000.

On SBS it was Secrets of the Toy Shop (212,000), Great British Railway Journeys (181,000), Gourmet Farmer (124,000), SBS World News (123,000) and McMafia (109,000).

Go Jetters on ABC KIDS topped multichannels at 174,000.

Sunrise: 265,000
Today: 192,000
News Breakfast: 110,000 / 42,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 27 February 2019

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  1. Here are the 2 main problems Ten has – and they were created by themselves;-

    1. Viewers get used to watching their favourite shows on the same night at the same time. Constantly changing this upsets viewers and they eventually turn off. NCIS was always on Tuesdays 8:30pm and L &O SVU was always on Thursdays 8:30pm – but now Ten has put the shows on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. And they just announced that NCIS is going back to Tuesday nights!!!

    2. And viewers HATE shows that run over time. Changing Rooms was 90 minutes long 2 times a week! This show should have been a tightly edited 60 minutes, And Sunday Take Away should also be a tightly edited 75 minutes – not almost 2 hours long! If they don’t tweak it this Sunday I have a sad feeling that will be axed as well.

    I understand what CBS is trying to turn Ten into. A family entertainment alternative to the…

    1. Your argument here falls down stating that “viewers hate shows that run over time”. For some inexplicable reason , viewers are happy to watch Married at First Sight for a minimum of 90 minutes each night. So they don’t hate it at all. They just seem to hate 10.

    2. Yes I set Hughsey to record after giving up on the awful Sunday Night Takeaway and I only got less than half of it as Takeaway went 35 minutes over. Why aren’t the producers doing their job and making live shows tighter. You know there are people that have to go to work the next day amoung many other considerations. I love tens new Dansing with the Stars, but nothing will convince to buy Sunday night takeaway again.

  2. This is the worst season of SVU ever. Every episode starts with an interesting premise but after 10 minutes turns into some kind of political debate based on something that’s been in the news recently. Plus there’s no consistency with the characters. Finn or Olivia or whoever can basically do anything because everything they once represented has been forgotten. Eventually a season will end with Noah, smoking gun in hand, standing over Olivia’s lifeless body.

      1. I’m surprised by SVUs low ratings as I’m loving the episodes this year (with the exception of last weeks one). I’ve also been watching the rerun after it, as I missed those last year. It’s a crying shame that we are in an age where a commercial network needs stripped “reality” bogan shows to survive. At least in Australia, as you don’t really hear of this type of scheduling from overseas.

  3. For Years Law and order svu was always on Thursday nights then they changed it to Saturday nights for a while Viewers get sick of chasing when it is on so they wait and buy it on dvd or watch it on ten play ……

    1. That’s the problem with all networks. How can you develop a viewer habit when it keeps moving. That’s why catch up has become popular. The other issue is you expect a brand new show and it’s a bloody repeat or commonly referred to these says as ‘encores’.

  4. Oh my ! Tens woes deepen and really they are trying so hard it’s a unfortunate that their shows don’t resonate with the viewers. Dancing with the Stars is slick and has great production values. In fact I think it is better, well certainly more contemporary than the 7 version. It deserves a bigger audience as it is just good light entertainment and a good alternative to the realities. So is Sunday Night Takeaway. A lot of hard work and production effort has gone into that and is another great alternative to the bogan garbage, although I can do without Ms. Morris rolling around the floor like a looney and certainly Saturday night would be a better time slot. Unfortunately viewing is a habit and it’s so hard to change those habits although I’m pleased to see MKR s numbers decline as it really is the same old same old.

  5. While a hot stripped show can certainly be a solid anchor, I don’t think it is essential. ABC doesn’t have any stripped entertainment shows and they’re smashing 10 every night.

    Gogglebox is just once a week and viewers flock to it on 10, for example. Quality must-watch shows is what 10 needs, whether the same show at 7.30pm 5 nights a week, or 5 separate shows. Bondi, Graham Norton and Ambulance are fillers, not marquee hits.

  6. Last night all the real fun was happening on SBS Viceland with the Best Of The Worst Movie Festival (yes, they really call it that): 8:30pm “Jaws The Revenge” (1987) followed by “Trolls 2” at 10;20pm.

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