Airdate: Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway

10 is teasing more detail on Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway which premieres on Sunday, 24 February .

Based on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway in the UK, the show sees Julia Morris & Dr. Chris Brown joined by Beau Ryan in weekly 90 minute Live TV.

This is produced by ITV Studios Australia from FOX Studios in Sydney.

Vet, Dr. Chris Brown and comedian, Julia Morris, have found the secret spice to give your Sunday night’s that extra zing. With the help of devilishly cheeky NRL legend, Beau Ryan, Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway is the sure-fire way to end your weekend with a bang.

Bursting out of the scrum and making a beeline for your Sunday nights, Beau will be pulling out all the strings when he hosts Chris Vs Julia each week.

In a head to head showdown, Chris and Julia lock horns in a test of mental and physical strength. The stakes are high, the consequences for the loser are dire. There’s no telling what will happen as they wrestle each other to the top of the podium. And, please note there may be wrestling involved.

Truly a man of the people, Beau will take some time away from shaking hands and kissing babies to host In For A Dollar. Creating mischief in cities around the country, he’ll invite unsuspecting punters to pay $1 for the chance to win a grand. If they’re ‘in for a dollar’, they must complete five rounds of crazy questions and hilarious tasks or walk away with nothing but a bruised ego.

In a 90-minute fiesta of live music, hilarious undercover pranks and amazing prizes, you’ll have absolutely no reason to leave the house on Sunday nights.

And besides, who doesn’t want to see what sort of mischief a vet, a comedian and an ex-footy player can get up to on live television.

7.30pm Sunday, 24 February on 10.


  1. I’d really like to see this work, but it’s so desperately hard for a show that isn’t stripped over a ridiculous amount of hours a week to cut through in early evening slots these days.
    Add to that, how weak 10’s Sundays are and it doesn’t bode well.

  2. Up against juggernauts of MKR and MAFS is going to take a huge feat and they may struggle to get this off the ground. I feel live variety tv has been lacking for some time. What made the like of Graham Kennedy and Don Lane popular were the ad-libs, stuff ups and mistakes. Let’s hope they do well.

  3. For me there seems to be a few problems with this concept;

    1) Timeslot – it does not feel like a flagship Sunday night prime time idea. The UK Saturday slot worked perfectly as something for young people to watch prior to heading out for the night.

    2) Hosts – The UK version has never been about the program content, always the extreme charisma of the hosts, Ant and Dec. Any version needs attractive, intensely charismatic ad libbers who can make anything shine. I fear the Australian hosts will not be that.

    3) Budget – The previews to date make it look desperately cheap but happy to be proven wrong if it looks bigger scale on transmission.

  4. Does anybody know if, like Saturday Night Takeaway, you don’t just get to ‘watch the adverts” you get to “win the adverts” in the Australian version?????

  5. Looking forward to this although I’m still not entirely sure what it is or how it works, but it sounds promising. Something new which is refreshing and exciting. Hopefully it works both in terms of execution and ratings.

    • I’m not sure Australia is ready for this type of format. To be honest, 90 minutes is a long time especially for a live show.

      Check out some of the SNT episodes on YouTube, I can see the “Chris vs Julia” or “End of the Show Show” segments going well but everything else might not work as well as they have in Australia.

      I certainly hope it does better then the US “Best Time Ever” series that ran on NBC and was cancelled after one season.

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