Axed: Birds of a Feather

UK comedy Birds Of A Feather, the ’90s sitcom revived by ITV in 2014, is ending after three new seasons and two Christmas specials.

It has screened in Australia on UKTV and ABC.

2019 looks set to be the first year in ITV’s 64-year history without a sitcom being broadcast on its main channel.

ITV’s Director of Television, Kevin Lygo said: “We had success with Birds Of A Feather, that was our most successful sitcom in years, but it’s come to a sort of natural end.”

Referring to comedic drama characters, he noted, “Audiences can get their fix of character-based comedy from Coronation Street.

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  1. “Audiences can get their fix of character-based comedy from Coronation Street.”

    Clearly Mr Lygo hasn’t seen Coronation Street in the last couple of years. The character-based comedy isn’t what is used to be and the show has been pretty terrible of late.

  2. The reboot was never as strong as the original series, but there were a few good episodes in there. I read there was supposed to be another Christmas special this year, but that’s not going to happen now I guess.

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