Controversy sends MAFS higher

Ratings: Nine reality series hits 1.3m viewers, followed by a big TV switch-off at 9pm.

As (various) controversies swirl around Married at First Sight interest in the show is rising. Last night it managed a cool 1.3m viewers, its best figure this season and topping the demos.

At the earlier time of 7pm My Kitchen Rules drew 906,000, an increase on last Monday’s 841,000 and second in the demos.

Audience numbers for both networks halved as soon as the two juggernauts ended at 9pm.

BackRoads (582,000) 7:30 (541,000) and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here followed at 560,000, rising to 566,000 for the elimination of Justin Lacko.

Nine network won Monday with 31.6% then Seven 29.7%, ABC 17.1%, 10 16.3% and SBS 5.4%.

Nine News was 933,000 / 925,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (770,000), Murder Lies & Alibis (569,000), Hot Seat (432,000 / 279,000) and Serial Killer with Piers Morgan (225,000).

Seven News drew 993,000 / 700,000* for Seven then The Chase (562,000 / 350,000) Instant Hotel (385,000) and Undercurrent (111,000).

ABC News topped the night for ABC at 697,000. Elsewhere Four Corners was 544,000, Media Watch was 541,000, Q&A was 365,000 and The Drum was 183,000.

The Project drew 429,000 / 211,000 for 10 then 10 News First (370,000) and The Graham Norton Show (270,000 / 116,000).

On SBS it was Spying on the Royals (171,000), Michael Mosley: Placebo Experiment (149,000), SBS World News (120,000) and The Honesty Experiment (76,000).

ABC KIDS’ Peter Rabbit hopped to the top of multichannels at 181,000.

Sunrise: 277,000
Today: 196,000
News Breakfast: 108,000  / 36,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 11 February 2019.

* coding error

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  1. Ten should move forget a show at 6pm and move project back to 6pm. Then air all their primary shows from 7pm. Other networks have commitments at 7pm. They have to do something to boost their early evening ratings.

  2. A poor night for 10, beaten the ABC in both primary and overall. They need their new shows on air quickly – why they have spent the first week of ratings with Graham Norton is just a bizarre decision.

    1. Unfortunately, IAMCGMOOH has seen all the best contestants gone. The “positive” voting system has once again eliminated the deserving contestants, and left us with the ones who were just weird enough to provide entertainment.

    1. Agreed!! This started after 2 hrs of MKR? I think another hr of much of the same is abit too much for people surprised at how low it went though. Agree it should have been a 730 show. The old format was good i think a short season but over a few nights at 730. Should have chucked this at the end of the year or between mkr and house rules

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