I’m a Celebrity finale: Shane v Yvie v Richard

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is expected to film its finale episode later today as Shane Crawford, Yvie Jones and Richard Reid compete for the 2019 title.

Voting for the King or Queen of the Jungle will close at 7pm AEDT tonight with the final episode to screen on Sunday. Producers are rumoured to be filming multiple endings to keep the winner under wraps over coming days.

Cast and crew are due to fly home shortly with hosts Julia Morris & Dr.Chris Brown preparing for Sunday Night Takeaway on Sunday February 24.

Last night Angie Kent and Luke Jacobz were both sent packing in a double elimination, both with family members on the ground in case they made it to the final.



  1. I knew the girls would be good value and go far.
    I really think Yvie has this in the bag, especially after her speech the other night regarding people being judged by the way they look.
    A very cluey and perceptive lady…

  2. Who needs a final. Nice contestants all coming home with their heads held high.
    No reputations damaged, new friends made, profiles enhanced, viewers happy, Charities smiling and series renewed for next year. Congrats to ? –All good.

  3. Surely they’re really not filming multiple endings? To get them to all try out their acting skills, and have to have different speeches and everything, especially with the voting being closed beforehand?

    In either case I just don’t know why they can’t show the final live like all other times. If the final must happen today then they should have just delayed Changing Rooms by a day or something.

    • Agreed. I thought a live final was inevitable and smart.

      Instead they fly everyone home 4 days before the final ep and film 3 endings to avoid leaks… Huh?

    • Yes, to be honest before the series started I was like ‘Why does she have to go in, she is just known for watching TV.’ I didn’t really know all that much of her as I hardly watched gogglebox (kinda thought the idea of watching people watch TV is stupid) Then I saw her in the jungle and I came to really like her, and am glad she lasted a while.

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