Insiders cameraman recovering after studio faint

Floor staff were seen running to assist as host Barrie Cassidy cut to a package.

A cameraman for ABC’s Insiders is recovering after fainting during a Live interview yesterday.

Vision which went to air during the show on Sunday morning showed the camera slowly tilting away from Bill Shorten, before a crash was heard.

Floor staff were seen running to assist as host Barrie Cassidy cut to a package.

Aussie Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander was on set waiting to appear on Offsiders, and administered first aid before paramedics arrived.

Insiders executive producer Samuel Clark and Offsiders exec producer Kate Tozer both tweeted that he was being treated.

Source: Insiders

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  1. I thought the “bit of a problem in the studio” was something more sinister, happening at that particular time. Pleased to hear he recovered quite well, if still highly embarrassed. Poor Bill seems to have a way in attracting distractions. Sirens, fire alarms, fainting cameramen..

  2. It was quite a portion of the Shorten interview that the shot was tilting and sliding; my first thought was it a robotic camera in use, but it made no sense that an interview with the Leader of the Opposition would be conducted without a real cameraman. Then i thought maybe it was locked off or manned by two cameramen. Poor operator, a shocking thing to happen for them and for the crew and others in the studio. Barrie looked understandably shaken for a few minutes.

    1. Many years ago I nearly fell asleep while operating a camera on a particularly boring panel show on the ABC. The shot gradually tilted up as I leaned on the pan handle and it was only the Technical Producer yelling at me over the headset that woke me up in time to save the shot from total disaster! My only excuse was that the recording was on a Sunday morning and I’d had a particularly busy Saturday night partying and came straight to the studio without going home to sleep first.

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