Kate Miller-Heidke wins Eurovision: Australia Decides!

Kate Miller-Heidke is off to Tel Aviv with Zero Gravity.

Kate Miller-Heidke is off to Tel Aviv to sing Zero Gravity after winning Eurovision: Australia Decides on the Gold Coast.

SBS turned on a spectacular “mini Eurovision” hosted by Joel Creasey and Myf Warhurst wthKate Miller-Heidke topping both the Public and Jury votes.

After winning over the Australian public with 87 points and a jury of industry experts with 48 points, she scored 135 points overall. 10 acts performed in a 2.5 hour Live show vying for the chance to represent Australia in Israel in May.

Electric Fields took out second place with their song 2000 and Whatever being awarded 114 points overall, while Sheppard came in third place with On My Way on 87 points.

“I’m totally overwhelmed! This has been a peak experience already, and I’m dying with excitement at what’s to come. Thanks to everyone who voted, and to all the other artists who provided such a brilliant, eclectic and stiff competition. I’ve had a ball, and I’m so grateful and thrilled that I get to represent Australia at Eurovision in 2019,” Miller-Heike said.

SBS Commissioning Editor Josh Martin said: “This could seriously be the year that Australia wins Eurovision! Kate’s performance tonight was quite simply breathtaking and the response from the Australian public has been overwhelming. All of us here at SBS are so thrilled that the whole country has embraced this truly diverse and inclusive show and I know that Eurovision fans will adore Kate as much as we do when we get to Tel Aviv in May!”

Creative Director of Eurovision – Australia Decides Paul Clarke said: “It’s a win for out of the box brilliance, which Eurovision devours. It’s a standout song with mesmerising staging. Kate is a total original and Eurovision will love her. Electric Fields delivered a stellar performance, and came so close, but it was Kate’s night. I want to thank all the artists who made the first ever selection show a spectacular success and all the fans who got behind them. The road to Eurovision 2019 has begun!”

Dami Im, Hans and Casey Donovan also performed  in a glam show produced by Blink TV.


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  1. For the past few days I’ve had Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper in my head and went back and listened to this Kate Miller-Heidke song and low and behold that is where it came from. Sure the tune is nothing like Time After Time, however Kate’s phrasing at the start and in some other parts matches it well, this will likely do well at Eurovision because of that (other songs that have a similar to another song feel have).

    Good Luck.

  2. From someone who is generally apathetic towards Eurovision, I think Kate is the perfect choice to both represent the country and inspire more interest. I might give it a shot to see how she goes this year.

  3. Kate was amazing. I voted 6 times for her in the end… she deserved it!! The song is sooo eurovision. Amazing combo of opera and dance i loved it!! Well done SBS great production!!! Seriously great viewing.

    1. If the points system is based on the split 50-50 system in the main contest, both the public vote and the vote from the international jurors have the exact same amount of points to give.

      The five jurors each have 10 sets of points to give out (1 to 10, and 12 points), totalling 290 points. The points from the public are based on the percentages each song got based on the total amount of votes received.

      So for example, since Kate got 87 points from the public, it means she has 30% of all televotes received. Her closest competitor, who got 70 points, fell short with a 24% share of the votes sent by the Australian public.

  4. I was so impressed at what SBS was able to pull off here. Some amazing performances, great production values, a lot of the songs were genuinely decent, all packaged together in a smoothly run highly enjoyable show. Bravo SBS – talk about showing the commercial networks how it’s done.

  5. Respectfully disagree. Drag queens have been done quite a bit at Eurovision and no longer even really provide any novelty value, unless they bring something different to the table (such as Conchita)

  6. Kate’s voice is amazing…her control and range is second to none…the performance was spectacular…but the song….can anyone say they really understood it?
    The whole program was excellent viewing… ?⭐

  7. Worthy winner. But the big skirt has been done before, the bendy pole person was awesome.

    Courtney Act had the most polished performer and I can’t help but think she would have been our better rep for Eurovision.

    But what an amazing show SBS put on!!! Bravo!

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