Media Watch tips ‘front runners’ for ABC Chair

Former Fairfax managing director Greg Hywood could be a front-runner for the plum role of ABC Chair, according to ABC’s own Media Watch host Paul Barry.

The selection panel finished interviewing candidates for the chair’s job before Christmas and handed its shortlist of three names to the Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield two weeks ago.

Another contender is Film Victoria president Ian Robertson, President of Film Victoria.

Other possible names include former Foxtel CEO Kim Williams, but Barry noted both he and lawyer Danny Gilbert are likely to be too “left-leaning” for the government.

Michael Rose, chair of the Committee for Sydney, informed Media Watch he is not a candidate while Mario D’Orazio, until recently MD of Channel Seven in Perth, was not interviewed by the selection panel.

Former AFL commissioner and current Citibank chair, Sam Mostyn, was the only woman tipped by Barry.  Current acting chair Kirstin Ferguson did not apply for the permanent role.

But The Age also tips Ita Buttrose as a possibility. She told sources, she had not been contacted about the role.

A replacement for Michelle Guthrie cannot be found until the new chair is selected.

It’s now four months since Michelle Guthrie and Justin Milne departed ABC.


  1. “Kimberley Lynton “Kim” Williams is an Australian media executive and composer. Williams has been married twice: in 1983 to Kathy Lette and in 1998 to Catherine Dovey, daughter of Gough Whitlam.”
    So maybe leaning a little left?

  2. carolemorrissey

    If the Govt thinks a former CEO for Murdoch’s foxtel is ‘left leaning’ then that tells you how far to the right they are. They’ve already stacked the Board with their mates so can’t imagine them not doing so for the Chair. Ita would be good though.

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