Nine too strong on Monday

Nine’s early evening line-up was again too strong for the competition, leading from 7pm to around 9:10pm.

From there it was a three way tussle between Nine, 10 and ABC, with the latter leading from 10pm.

Married at First Sight was #1 and topped the demos on 1.29m viewers, well in front of My Kitchen Rules on 764,000, up slightly on last Monday.

Australian Story (594,000) and 7:30 (579,000) snared a combined third place. Dancing with the Stars dipped to 498,000, rising to 588,000 for the elimination of Miguel Maestre.

Updated: The Academy Awards was 333,000 live, down from 386,000 last year, and 122,000 later on 9GEM.

Nine network won Monday with 32.9% then Seven 26.5%, ABC 18.1%, 10 16.5%, and SBS 5.9%.

Nine News was 944,000 / 929,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (883,000), Bad Mothers (644,000), Hot Seat (484,000 / 320,000) and Botched (213,000).

Seven News won its slot with 986,000 / 956,000. Home and Away drew 642,000 then The Chase (560,000 / 337,000) and Instant Hotel on a concerning 276,000. Crazy on a Plane was 120,000.

ABC News was 778,000 for ABC. Four Corners was 514,000, Media Watch was 508,000, Q&A was 429,000 and The Drum at 211,000.

The Project pulled 448,000 / 269,000 then 10 News First (404,000), The Graham Norton Show (203,000) and Pointless (195,000).

On SBS it was The Kennedys (196,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (152,000), Michael Mosley: Guts (133,000) and SBS World News (110,000).

Sunrise: 287,000
Today: 200,000
News Breakfast: 112,000 / 43,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 25 February 2019



  1. Is that better than what the Drum usually got?
    I don’t watch it now being it moved to 6pm. They need their 5pm national news back though. Show the feed from news 24 for the hour. Better than a repeat of something!

  2. I see DWTS was tweaked from last week & they took onboard the feedback. There was no sweetened whooping from the audience & the band were finally acknowledged

  3. This morning a friend asked me if I watched MAFS last night, I replied that I don’t watch MAFS, and that I watched DWTS. She then told me to “get a life”….. oh the irony !!

  4. The new Drum at 6pm has a been a flop. They are back to the old format of 4 people who agree with each other discussing what they saw on TV about issues for 20 minutes.

  5. Frankly the only good thing about Instant Hotel is the locations. Most of the characters are pathetic especially that Jean who really ruins the show with his inane actions and comments. Cleaning his teeth in the sink whilst they are getting dinner ready – how disgusting and pathetic. Stealing the shower head – is there nothing idiotic they will do. No more for me. Over to the ABC and SBS to watch some decent programs.

  6. I’m enjoying this season of Instant Hotel so far, but this is the 3rd week in a row which I have recorded it and will watch another time in the week. The time slot is too late for a reality show to start, it should have been 7.30pm Thursdays. Hopefully most people are doing the same as me and watching it later, so the timeshift ratings does increase. Plus it is better to watch on record, as you can FF through the “previously\coming up after the break” filler. Watching season one on Netflix was great, as it was edited to remove the filler before and after commercials because there are no commercials. This did not have to be a stripped program either, I think the only season Seven did that in 2017 was to fit it all in before end of ratings. Once a week is enough, and the way MAFS and MKR should be too if they had less contestants and filler.

    • Where else would they air Instant Hotel? They have MKR Sun-Wed and H&A on Thursday. They have sport and other stuff for Fr and Sat and nobody would watch it then anyway. They have nothing else to show Monday at 9pm and hoped people would stick around after MKR.

      • God Friended Me or the The Passage could have been put there.Seven have seen how it has gone with the MKR lead in and I don’t know how keeping it in the slot is an acceptable option. Still I guess there is a plus side, it’s good for Aussie drama and Bad Mothers is dominating despite Seven’s struggles.

    • The expression fits this associated story.
      It is way overdue, to talk openly about internet access and violations against innocence.
      This is also the time slot, that is required to effectively warn unsuspecting kids and people of all ages.
      It simply needs to be talked about. Get answers for all those questions and invasions into our lives.

      • Obviously u watched A Current Afair because what u just raved on about u do not get from the heading lol . She looks displeased/ unhappy.. Not an expression of a too strong Monday happy win ???

        • Yep, did get your witty observation. – good.
          But then took the opportunity to positively respond about the good direction ACA is going in.
          With Tracy’s picture at the top , you feel this is a story that she (ACA) might actually read.
          It is always hard to know if any of our messages are being heard by the right people.

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