Returning: Cardinal

Season Three of Canadian drama will stream in March.

Season Three of Canadian drama Cardinal will stream at SBS On Demand in March.

This debuted internationally last month and has been renewed for a fourth season.

All six episodes will be available. A broadcast date is yet to be revealed.

Cardinal’s third season follows Cardinal (Billy Campbell) and Delorme (Karine Vanasse) on a race to locate an elusive group of killers as the body count climbs, and as their personal doubts and fears threaten their bond as partners. A grieving Cardinal is torn between obsessive questions about his wife’s death and his loyalty to Delorme when a spiralling double murder investigation turns Algonquin Bay into a danger zone, and pushes the two detectives to their limits.

Detective John Cardinal is in a state of numb disbelief that she’s gone. Weeks pass in the aftermath, a blur of grief and
denial in a house haunted by her memory – until hateful anonymous cards arrive, blaming John for Catherine’s tragic end. The cards boil Cardinal’s hurt down into anger, pushing him to question the findings about Catherine’s apparent suicide and begin his own secret investigation into her death.

Autumn comes – and with it, Cardinal’s return to work from bereavement leave. Gorgeous fall colours dress the town, leaves flashing brilliant hues in a last gasp before they drop.

But not all is beautiful in Algonquin Bay – the grisly double murder of a couple in town for the annual Sportsman’s Show kicks off Cardinal and Delorme’s pursuit of their most dangerous adversaries yet – ex-soldier Sharlene Winston and her ‘family’ of damaged street kids – a family she’s warped into believing her tales of a coming world collapse.

Thursday, 7 March 2019 on SBS On Demand.

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