Returning: Selling Houses Australia

Andrew, Shaynna & Charlie return, with properties from the bush, the beach, the outback and the city.

Selling Houses Australia returns for its 12th season on the Lifestyle Channel in March.

AACTA winning hosts Andrew Winter & Shaynna Blaze return with landscape designer Charlie Albone for 13 new episodes, covering the bush, the beach, the outback and the city.

SHA is now the most successful locally produced series in subscription television history.

Minutes from the city, on the water, with great shopping and excellent restaurants, it’s a wonder that Fran and her husband Fred haven’t been able to sell their heritage listed two-bedroom property in Balmain, NSW. On paper it ticks all the boxes but in reality the house needs work and seems full of unfinished jobs – some slightly dangerous! With a four million dollar price tag and the property having already been on and off the market for three years, Andrew, Shaynna and Charlie have their work cut out for them turning this odd waterfront cottage into a Balmain beauty.

A so-called “dream life” on the water with kids can have its challenges – introducing Selling Houses Australia’s quirkiest makeover to date. Single mum Indiana decided to buy a 44 foot houseboat a few years after her marriage ended. She wanted 11-year-old Tobias and 8-year-old Telulah to experience something different and adventurous. Although having made beautiful memories over the past 12 months, the maintenance, size and logistics of living on their small houseboat is a daily struggle. But in order to revamp her home so Indiana can move her family to a bigger and newer boat, the Selling Houses team need the help of shipwrights and a degree in maritime law – challenging them like never before!

Selling Houses Australia is produced by Beyond Productions exclusively for Foxtel’s Lifestyle.

8:30pm Wednesday March 6 on LifeStyle.

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