RocKwiz end: “We were the little ship that could.”

Julia Zemiro thanks fans and SBS after confirmation SBS will not produce more episodes.

Julia Zemiro has thanked diehard fans of RocKwiz and SBS for their support for the music show which has ended its TV run.

As revealed by TV Tonight yesterday RocKwiz is not returning to SBS.

“The decision we’ve made is that it is time to call an end to RocKwiz after a long success on SBS,” SBS Channel Manager Ben Nguyen confirmed.

“Julia became a big talent through SBS but it is a natural decision as channels evolve and moving into new spaces over time.”

The series ran for 14 seasons on SBS and late last year toured the nation once again with 13 Live shows of The RocKwiz Revue 2018.

TV Tonight understands while SBS seasons are now merely repeats, more Live shows may yet resume for the much-loved show and a series may be pitched to another platform.

Co-creator Brian Nankervis recently said, “It is frustrating because the audiences just adore it. We did 31 shows last year and most of them were sold out. So who knows? We’re open to ideas!”

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  1. RocKwiz was a great show to watch. It was a staple of my Saturday night viewing. I was surprised with myself that I actually knew a lot of the answers to the questions. Having the show produced in a pub gave it a charming and outgoing quality about it. It was good see known performers and see regular people also being given the opportunity to participate in the quiz. Julia Zemiro was a good-humoured and graceful host.

  2. I don’t understand the words by SBS’s channel manager to cancel RockWiz because it “…is a natural decision as channels evolve and moving into new spaces over time.” That has no meaning at all. With apologies to the Mortein ad “…when you are on a good thing, stick to it….” But then I am not privy to the ratings figures. At the same time, I cannot see how Rockwiz is about multiculturalism which was/is SBS’s charter.

    Unless SBS has exclusive rights to the program, I cannot see why the creators of Rockwiz cannot pitch their program to other networks, otherwise to quote Brian Nankervis’s (aka Raymond J. Bartholomeuz) poem “Days By The Ocean”, they’ll be “….Marooned, Marooned…” they’re “…on a lagoon”….

    Anthony of exciting Belfield

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