Stan $2 price hike

Nine-owned streaming platform Stan introduced a new pricing structure last Friday for Standard and Premium plans.

$10 Basic (previously $10)
$14 Standard (previously $12)
$17 Premium (previously $15).

The rise comes after Nine securing 100% ownership of the streaming platform under its Fairfax takeover.

Stan last increased prices in July 2017 when it introduced a Basic plan for subscribers. The Standard and Premium plans offer varying HD or 4K streaming and increased screens.

Stan recently added Disney titles and has exclusivity on Showtime titles in Australia, despite the arrival of CBS-owned 10 All Access in the local market.

CEO Mike Sneesby recently told TV Tonight, “Our relationship with CBS has never been stronger and we’re always in continuous discussions around where things go and what the opportunities are. If things are right for CBS and Showtime in terms of how they position themselves in market here, there’s deals to be done and we’ll continue to have a long term and fruitful partnership.”


  1. Ironically there was a scare campaign article in the Fairfax papers drumming up fear about possible Netflix price rises.

  2. I actually cancelled my Stan membership this week coz I’m just not inspired by their library at all. Occasionally they have a few shows on at once I’ll dip in for a month to binge (unReal which is now done; 60 Days In which only has one season on it; Kidding and Transparent…) but it’s not worth keeping every month. Netflix does continue to be worthy of the subscription fee though. And who can go past the bounty of goodies for free on ABC iView and SBS On Demand.

  3. Streaming services aren’t making money, they are loss leading to compete for market share. Eventually the market will sort itself out and the winners will raise prices to cover costs and generate a return on capital. Kayo Sport on the other hand is priced to make a profit, so it doesn’t cannibalise Fox Sports profits, and the result is a price twice what experts reckon it should have launched at to get people subscribing.

  4. I think Stan is still very much in the growth phase and needing to establish itself as a competitive player. Substantial cost increases will be noticed by subscribers and may halt or slow new memberships. They need to be really careful about this as their content library remains modest to say the least (though notably better than Ten All Access’s current offerings.)

  5. I was wary when we suddenly got all that Disney contents for — free.
    Now more changes.
    Eventually ‘every’ product has to be paid for , even if you didn’t ask them to give it to you.

    • Looks like getting close to parity pricing with Netflix

      Vote with your feet.

      Netflix is Awesome! at the moment

      So much new content I don’t have time to watch it all.

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