Tearful Katherine Kelly Lang leaves the jungle

The Bold & the Beautiful star could not hide her tears when she became the fourth star to exit 10 series.

It was a tearful Katherine Kelly Lang who was eliminated from I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here last night.

The Bold & the Beautiful star could not hide her tears after her name was announced by hosts Julia Morris & Chris Brown, and the most emotional to leave her cast mates so far.

Lang said she was disappointed not to make it further and spend more time with her fellow jungle cast.

Lang, who was the 4th star to depart, competed in two trials including Scrotal Recall, where she got dunked in a pool of bull testicles and the Sunday Slammer alongside Justin Lacko.

She tipped Natasha Exelby to win the series.

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  1. I’m really surprised that she would be dumped so soon considering that she is perhaps the only real “celebrity” on the show (and even so, she has kept a low profile over the years).

    I thought that she would have been one of the most likely to win.

  2. I liked her. She’s very kind hearted, sure she’s used to being a little bit spoilt in terms of food etc so may come across princessy, but certainly no real Hollywood ego or name dropping. However I know a few people who stopped watching last night after the reveal because they couldn’t deal with all the crying and commotion throughout the whole episode, which was a pity because you could see her passion.

    1. Yes me too. And she probably did feel like that, seeing that as soon as she could have been voted out she was. It was sad as It would have been nice to see her in long enough to open up more.

      1. I guess people had more of focused more of their voting on faves they had from the start, so either didn’t really bother voting for her as much, or simply just thought she’d be safe anyway.

        Anyway It is sad with the rushed series this year, as if it had been any other previous series she would have got an extra week in there unlike the 1 day immunity she had from leaving in this series. She probably would have got more people interested in her in that time frame too so could have at least stayed near the end.

        I think really she should have just come in from the start though, like Maureen did in series 1 and last a while.

  3. KKL was paid a reported $400,000 for her stint in Le Jungle so I don’t think she gave up more than most. I don’t understand why no one asked her for all the goss on the Bold. Surely there were plenty of things to talk about there or perhaps none of the others had really watched the show.

  4. When you research KKL , it is obvious that why, her disappointment was so fullon, is because of her passion to give to her charity. Over the years she has earned millions of dollars, that she directs to ‘Breakaway from cancer’, leaving her personal worth at only ~$1.5 million.
    100% of her clothing collection line, profits goes to ‘breakaway’. Crowdrise.com shows the ‘women for tri ‘ side of her passion for charity fundraising in sports. —–She is a true Gem.

    1. This is impressive. She also has a very strong affinity with Australia, visiting often and always coming across as being a genuinely nice person in a variety of arenas (her cameo on “Neighbours”, appearing on “The Project”, “Studio 10” etc. etc.). Her departure is premature – I can’t figure out the voting trends this year, to be honest.

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