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Peter Tork, best known as the bassist for The Monkees, has died.

Peter Tork, best known as the bassist and keyboardist for The Monkees, has died aged 77.

In 2009, he was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma, a rare cancer of the salivary glands.

Tork’s death was announced on his Facebook and Twitter pages, with his family releasing a statement saying he had died “peacefully” at his home in Connecticut.

“Peter’s energy, intelligence, silliness, and curiosity were traits that for decades brought laughter and enjoyment to millions, including those of us closest to him,” the family’s statement read.

“Those traits also equipped him well to take on cancer, a condition he met with unwavering humour and courage.”

Tork featured in two seasons of The Monkees from 1966. The show and its stars, fronted by Davy Jones, became overnight sensations including international tours.

Tork was a proficient musician, and though the group was not allowed to play their own instruments on their first two albums. He left the band in 1968 citing exhaustion and a gruelling schedule.

“I am told he slipped away peacefully,” bandmate Mike Nesmith told Rolling Stone in a statement.

“Yet, as I write this my tears are awash, and my heart is broken. Even though I am clinging to the idea that we all continue, the pain that attends these passings has no cure.”

Both Nesmith and Dolenz are still touring as The Monkees. Davy Jones died in 2012.

Source: ABC

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  1. In 1966 Neil Diamond released his first album “The Feel of Neil Diamond”. 12 songs and unable to fit a thirteenth song ” I’m a believer ” .He said at a Brisbane concert, that he ‘gave’ the song to the Monkeys. It was more popular than his singles he released. Although the Monkeys were a manufactured band, they were still much enjoyed by fans who could not get enough of their TV antics and catchy songs. It is a pity it was so short lived. RIP peter.

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