Airdate: Hold The Sunset

A new comedy with John Cleese begins next month on UKTV.

In Hold The Sunset, Cleese plays one of two retirees whose twilight years are interrupted by an adult son moving back home.

It also features Alison Steadman, Anne Reid and Jason Watkins.

This is a 6 part series which debuted in Britain over a year ago. UKTV will head straight into its second season in May.

Edith always puts herself last. But she’s been widowed for a while, and her two troublesome children have flown the nest. This is her chance to finally take care of herself.

Phil is a retired businessman. His caustic sense of humour can’t hide the fact he loves Edith more than anything. So when she finally agrees to marry him, they’re all set to finally realise their dream – a move to another country, and a future filled with romantic walks on sun-kissed beaches.

But then Edith’s son Roger crashes back into their lives. Fifty going on 12, Roger has had a mid-life breakdown and left his wife, children and job. He can’t even cope with Edith giving his childhood toy collection to charity, so it’s no wonder the stress of adult life has proved too much.

And that’s just the tip of their troubles. Edith’s demanding daughter Sandra is pestering Phil for a business loan. A raffish former boyfriend from Edith’s past reappears. And, at Roger’s request, Edith’s old cleaner Mrs Gale is tearing through the house, leaving a trail of chaos in her wake.

Beset by the quirky cast of characters, Edith and Phil’s lives often explode into farce. All they wanted was a quiet retirement filled with sea and sand. It’s just a shame about the son.

Wednesdays at 8.30pm from April 17 on UKTV.

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