Airdate: Islands of America

4 part documentary Islands of America, with Martin Clunes begins this Friday on Seven.

Clunes has previously fronted Islands of Britain and Islands of Australia, co-produced by his own production company.

Seven is also about to premiere his Manhunt drama series.

This time he sets off on a 10,000-mile journey, from the west to the east, to explore the vast swathe of islands which are scattered beyond America’s shores. He travels from Hawaii’s islands of fire to Alaska’s islands of snow and ice, and from California’s secret marine paradise to playgrounds off the New England coast.

Along the way, Martin sees nature at her most spectacular, encounters the animals that inhabit these far-flung places, and meets people who live in their own sea-bound worlds – each with their own identity and unique story.

9:30pm Friday on Nine.


  1. Island of America’s debut was pre-empted last week by Seven showing The Latest covering the Christchurch massacre, and now it is out of the schedule. Instead double episodes of Cleaning Up will be shown this Friday and next Friday. One wonders when Islands of America will go to air.

  2. Strange programming from 7 for the primary channel-1st at 8.30 the insider trading drama/comedy , then this at 9.30 and finally at 10.30 Julie Walters doing the SBS trains thing-you’d expect the order to be reversed with the light travelogue stuff first!

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