Airdate: The Meaning of Vanlife

Documentary feature The Meaning of Vanlife, looking into a nomadic community who have chosen to live a life on the road, is coming to Stan.

Written, directed & co-produced by Jim Lounsbury, it is also produced by Lynette Lounsbury & Dustin Clare.

Jim Lounsbury said “Not only does Vanlife provide an escape from the machinations of consumerism, free from mortgages, monthly payments and enforced consumption, I have found Vanlife to be a community founded on a genuine sense of care for the wellbeing of others, a place where few people ask the question ‘What’s in it for me?’ as they interact with those they meet on the road.”

“I don’t think I could have captured this documentary with any sense of authenticity if I didn’t live in a van during production. It was my intention to avoid being in the documentary, and for the most part I succeeded, but the community is so inclusive, I quickly became part of the fabric of the story and I wasn’t entirely able to cut myself out of it,” he said.

Director Jim Lounsbury worked closely with Vanlife community stalwarts Jonny Dustow and Jared Campbell, creators of the global Instagram community Vanlife Diaries, to find and tell authentic stories from within the Vanlife community and to examine why modern nomads have made the decision to forego traditional homes for a life on the road.

From sharing the stories of people they were meeting on the road while living in their vans to a community of more than 450,000 worldwide followers, Vanlife Diaries tapped into a growing society of people living on the road and off grid.

The Meaning of Vanlife follows Jonny and Jared as they set out to connect with with ‘vanlifers’ around the world to discover the spirit, struggles and philosophies that define the movement.

From the simplicity of sharing music and stories on the road, to a sociological discussion about why movements like Vanlife are so important – this documentary gets it’s wings from the perspectives within the community itself, in an adventurous, revealing look into a global phenomenon.

Creative partnership Jim Lounsbury (director/writer) and Lynette Lounsbury (producer) spent 4 months living in a van while capturing the stories (largely shot by Jim). The majority of the photography, artwork and music featured in the documentary was sourced from within the Vanlife community.

The Meaning of Vanlife is written & directed by Jim Lounsbury. 

Friday April 26 on Stan.

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  1. This program would be really interesting if it was made in Australia. By looking at the trailer it sounds and looks American – totally different ‘van’ culture.

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