Auditions: Gogglebox

Gogglebox is currntly casting for two Brisbane households, the first for the Foxtel / 10 show.

The current cast is a 60/40 split of Melbourne and Sydney households and the announcement follows Brian Walsh telling TV Tonight the show would be looking to new regions for casting.

Produced by Endemol Shine Australia, executive producer, David McDonald said: “We’re very excited to find Queensland personalities to put in the mix. When Gogglebox first started we were restricted in what we could accommodate with the fast turnaround of the show.

“Now in our fifth year of production, it’s time to expand, so it was decided (very wisely) to go north and capture the unique voice of the Queensland territory.”

The Brisbane households will join brother and sister Tim and Leanne; bubbly Greek best friends Anastasia and Faye; happily married couple Lee and Keith; the adorable and sports-crazy Jackson Family; the fun-loving and cricket-mad Delpechitra Family; best mates Adam and Symon; dealers in Indigenous Art Mick and Di; the close-knit Dalton Family; married couple Matty and Sarah Marie and their friend Jad; and the three generations of women in the Silbery Family.

Gogglebox will be “street casting” but there is also an online application process here.


  1. Mr game show fan

    How about a family in South Australia? If they ever allowed families from my state to apply, I would seriously apply my own family.
    I would love to be a Goggleboxer myself.

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