Auditions: Gogglebox (updated)

It’s not just Brisbane looking for new Gogglebox households, an updated casting note indicated Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

“Do you love to watch and comment on TV with your friend, family, partner or room-mate? Do you laugh, squirm, cry and scream at some of the shows you watch? If so, we would love to hear from you,” a casting notice asks.

Endemol Shine Australia is conducting “ongoing casting” and is looking for a variety of households of different ages, backgrounds and make up.

In your application you must upload 2 pictures of your household including the exact spot where you all like to watch TV

You can apply here.


    • Mr game show fan

      I think Gogglebox has the same flaw as Sunday Night Takeaway does.

      Both shows don’t seem to have either families or live segments in a non Eastern state (Tasmania seems to be the exception to the rule)

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