Auditions: Hot Seat

Hot Seat is now looking for new contestants for upcoming episodes.

Applicants must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident over the age of 18 years of age.

“Please note, due to the large number of applicants, it may take some time. But don’t despair – in the meantime, we would absolutely love to have you in our studio audience. Apply for tickets at the end of your application,” a casting notice declares.

Hopefully not an 8 hour shoot!

You can apply here.


  1. I got an email last week from Hot Seat saying my application had been approved and would I be available for filming on certain dates. I applied not long after I finished school in 2010!! Unfortunately the dates required are when I’m overseas so I’ve declined the invitation.

    • I auditioned in 2011 and was told – the time you forget about auditioning is the time we will call you.
      Still waiting Eddie …… and yes I forgot about it until I saw this story 🙂

  2. I really miss the traditional Millionaire format, though they could do what they have done overseas and have a timer for each question (with the timer becoming a tad more generous as the dollar value increases) in order to cut the fluff and allow for more questions/contestants per episode.

    I stopped watching Hot Seat a few years ago as it become completely infuriating to see Eddie constantly giving away the answers (and he is hardly difficult to “read”). I understand why the host would steer the contestant toward the correct answer for the first couple of questions (spare them the humiliation and whatnot), but even when it came to the big bucks, he was insufferably transparent and I was at the end of my tether. Never again.

    • Mr game show fan

      To be fair, there is a time limit on each question.
      15 seconds for the first 5 ($100-$1,000)
      30 seconds for the middle 5 ($1,500-$10,000)
      And 45 seconds for the final 5 ($20,000-$1,000,000)

      However I know what you are trying to say. In the USA they had a format where if you made it to the $1,000,000 question, you got 45 seconds+ any banked time.

  3. If they’re struggling for audience members wouldn’t it be best to approach it the other way round – apply to be in the audience if you want to be a contestant, then select the contestants from the audience for each show.

    Although The Chase is beating it I guess it’s safer to stick with what they know. Also although they might have looked at the UK revival and wondered about returning it to primetime the Hotseat format keeps the prize level at a manageable level – the recent UK run saw 6 figure payouts most nights.

  4. Time to retire Hot Seat i think, I watch The Case everyday. I think Channel 9 should bring back a fast paced quiz show like Sale of the Century or something new like Jeopardy. Or even a revamped The Price is Right, I know Larry couldnt do it as he is on 7 but someone new with the energy he had might do the trick.

    • I also much prefer The Chase, both UK and AU versions. There’s as many as 100 questions per ep. I watched a few eps of Hot Seat when 7 was telecasting cricket and, IMO, Hot Seat is just sluggish in comparison to The Chase.
      Re Sale of the Century, I used to tape it (VHS) in the1970/80s. When fast-forwarding to play the questions only, the ep time was about 7 minutes – and that includes the FF time (there’s an old ep on YouTube so you can see for yourself how SotC got bogged down in prize promos and waffle).
      Speaking of prizes on SotC, “it’s a new vacuum cleaner”, “it’s a new TV set” probably isn’t going to cut it any more. The major prize – a BMW/Mercedes – would still be desirable, but consumerism has significantly changed since the 70s/80s. A rebooted Sale of the Century would have to make the prizes offered along the way (which reduce the contestant’s bank amount if…

      • Mr game show fan

        Some nights there is clear gaps in the audience areas.
        This new method for getting audience members should reduce gaps in the audience section.

        I personally would go deeper and change up the lifelines or even the format. (Monday primetime, new UK format) If current Hot Seat stays, at least change Ask a friend to Ask The Audience and add a fourth choice of lifeline being Ask The Host (Yes the new UK lifeline)
        Eddie of course would have no earpiece and his screen would not display the correct answer before an answer is locked in. However when this lifeline is used, he won’t know the answer until the required correct/incorrect music is heard.

      • After travelling from Sydney to audition successfully four years ago after six months I hadn’t heard back. When I rang they told me it would take a while as they had lots of my “type”. White, male and over fifty. I’m still waiting. If I’d worn a dress I’m sure I would have been on the next night as they don’t get many older women applying.

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