Australian Grand Prix on FOX Sports: guide

FOX Sport will screen every practice, qualifying and race in 4K and HD.

Foxtel this week confirmed Formula One World Championship races will be available in 4K Ultra HD for the very first time.

FOX Sport will screen every practice, qualifying and race in 4K on Channel 444.

Head of FOX Sports, Peter Campbell, said: “We can’t wait to broadcast Formula One races in 4K Ultra HD on Foxtel 4K, starting with the Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

“Fans already love our proposition of broadcasting every Formula One practice, qualifying and race LIVE with no ad-breaks during racing, so we think they will enthusiastically embrace this new innovation of 4K Ultra HD which takes the viewing experience to the next level.

“Foxtel is clearly the home of 4K Ultra HD sports coverage with Formula One now sitting alongside 4K Ultra HD coverage of the NRL, AFL, Super Rugby and women’s football matches this season.”

Foxtel’s 4K Ultra HD broadcasts will commence with this month’s Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix, to be staged in Melbourne from March 15-17, and will be available exclusively to Foxtel sports subscribers*.

Every race of the Formula One World Championship races will also continue to be broadcast Live in HD with no ad-breaks during racing on FOX Sports.

Foxtel subscribers will be on pole position from Wednesday at 5.10pm when Jess Yates and Mark Webber host the Formula 1 Season Launch event Live from Federation Square on FOX Sports 506 ahead of four days of on-track action from the Albert Park Circuit.

Wed 13 Mar
F1 Drivers Season Launch Live from Fed Square at 6.30pm
FOX Sports 506
Thurs 14 Mar
Coverage from 12.30pm
Supercars Qualifying at 4.40pm
FOX Sports 506

Fri 15 March
Coverage from 11.30am
F1 Practice 1 at 12pm
F1 Practice 2 at 4pm
Supercars Race at 5.55pm
FOX Sports 506
4k – Channel 444

Sat 16 Mar
Coverage from 11.45am
F1 Practice 3 at 2pm
F1 Qualifying at 5pm
FOX Sports 506
4k – Channel 444

Sun 17 Mar
Coverage from 12.00pm
Australian Grand Prix from 4.10pm
FOX Sports 506
4k – Channel 444

*All times in AEDT

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  1. I’m very much looking forward to the start of the F1 season and I think i’ll upgrade my IQ2 and TV at some stage this year to take advantage of the 4K coverage, that just seems too good to pass up and so far ahead of what’s being offered on FTA.

    1. I would have kept my subscription to Foxtel if they had offered 4K to cable subscribers. But because they are limiting it to satellite and I live in an apartment that doesn’t have a satellite, I cancelled.
      Im now using Kayo and am very happy. Now they just need to upgrade Kayo to 4K and I’ll be even happier…. if Netflix and Stan can do it, surely Kayo/Foxtel can.

      1. You probably need to be aware that all Foxtel connections will by via satellite by 2022 (I believe that’s the year). Foxtel announced last year that they will not be renewing their cable contract with Telstra when the current contract runs out, and that all new connections will be SAT – and current Foxtel customers will progressively be converted to SAT before the cable cut-out date.

        1. “It’s delivered via satellite”…. but thats Foxtels choice wasn’t it? Haven’t seen anything that says it can’t be delivered via cable. Technically it could be delivered via the antenna on your roof.

          I am aware of Foxtels removal from cable. But my building has no plan to switch to satellite while there is a cost involved to the residents.

          Foxtel can argue whatever they like. I have cable internet and can stream everything available in 4K from Netflix and Stan. You shouldn’t just say because some people can’t get something then no one can get it.

          So if kayo can’t offer the linear channels in 4K (for some reason) why don’t they offer the on demand catalogue in 4K. They could easier charge extra for it.

          Anyway just my 2 cents….. I went from paying $100 a month for Foxtel to paying $12.50 for Kayo (as sharing with my parents)… had 4K been available I wouldn’t have…

          1. It comes down to costs. By moving off the cable network they simplify their broadcast infrastructure plus save the access fees and the cost of acquiring a new cable set top unit for the 4K service and the cost of supporting the other existing cable set top units.

            It remains to be seen what effect moving off cable will have on net subscriber numbers. I suspect there are a significant number of MDUs around the country that won’t allow satellite installations.

      2. Foxtel actually argue that Netflix can’t guarantee 4K streaming in this country and that satellite is the only way to guarantee 4K delivery. You’ll be waiting a long time for Kayo to go 4K.

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