Brian Walsh: “A lot more stories yet I want to tell.”

Exclusive: Foxtel exec still has a passion for telling Australian stories.

EXCLUSIVE: There are reports this week that Foxtel is seeking more than $2.5 billion to bankroll the company under CEO Patrick Delany.

The Pay TV platform has reportedly been given 12 to 18 months to turn the business around, or News Corp may sell the business.

Mindful of the constantly-changing landscape in entertainment, I recently asked Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh (pictured, centre) how long he saw himself remaining in his role, but as he explained, there is still a passion for the role.

“I only really dedicated myself fulltime to Foxtel from 2007 but it has been part of my life for the last 23 years,” he replied.

“If every day was the same it would not be challenging, but the truth is this is a business that continues to evolve.

“The imperative for any television executive is reinvention. With all the change we’ve seen in technology, consumer behaviour and competition, it has absolutely prompted me to reinvent.

“I’m also of the view that even though I’ve had a long tenure I am surrounded with lots of young people who come through the business. At some point in your career you have to accept that you have to mentor, and pass on your knowledge and experience. So I would like to think I still have a valuable contribution to make.”

Over more then two decades Walsh has commissioned all of the Foxtel-owned original content from Love My Way, SLiDE, Satisfaction and Australia’s Next Top Model to Tangle, Wentworth, Selling Houses Australia, Deadline Gallipoli, Spirited, The Great Australian Bake Off, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Gogglebox, A Place to Call Home and Secret City.

“I’m proud of the shows we’ve commissioned and the success we’ve enjoyed. I still love coming to work. I still love Television, I still love Foxtel and want it to succeed,” he continued.

“Whilst I still feel challenged Foxtel will still be a central part of my life.

“Telling Australian stories is so important to me.

“Engaging with talent and artists is so important if we are going to build our industry. There are a lot more stories yet I want to tell.”

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