Two actors to exit Star Trek: Discovery

Two actors will depart sci-fi at the end of the second season.

Two cast members of Star Trek: Discovery are set to leave the series.

Anson Mount, who plays Captain Christopher Pike and Rebecca Romjin, who features as Number One, will both depart at the end of the season.

Deadline reports both had been contracted only for Season 2 arcs as part of a plan to sync up Discovery with the original Star Trek lore by the end of the second season.

Both Pike and Number One appeared in the original Star Trek series but fleetingly, with Pike replaced by Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner).

Romjin is well-known to viewers for her work on Ugly Betty and The Librarians.

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  1. Anson Mount did a good job playing Capt Pike though the producers obviously didn’t want him becoming too much of a James T. Kirk or Jonathan Archer, the alpha male is certainly not allowed to rule the roost in this show. Season 2 has become like a jigsaw puzzle of interesting characters that make an appearance and then disappear like Commander Jett Reno who was introduced in the opening episode 1 and now has virtually no role whatsoever, at least the previous Star Trek franchises allowed some character development but with Pike leaving we’re speeding along at a dizzying pace to have Spock meet Captain Kirk no doubt, as good an actress as Sonequa Martin-Green is this show does need to find some more actor depth to add some purpose to Discovery’s meandering plot, including Ethan Peck’s a bit too re-imagined Spock.

    1. Agreed. Pity they can’t keep him but there’s been a lot of whinging about the diversion from ST cannon. Or perhaps they always intended to arc the storyline this way?

      1. As much as I’m excited for the Section 31 spin-off, I’d rather a Pike spin off. There’s plenty of stuff they could do, even if it’s just a short run of episodes and it leads into Pike’s fate of being confined to a series of bleeps and bloops.

      2. I wish they had just set this series in the Kelvin Universe ( aka the movie series) just to stop people whining about the technology and how things don’t match up with TOS .

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