Curtly Ambrose survives another DWTS elimination

It’s the reality elimination that is baffling everybody: how the hell is Curtly Ambrose surviving Dancing with the Stars while some of the show’s favourites are being turfed every week?

The towering Antigua-born cricketer is defying the odds (and most of the judges’ scoring) to remain on the show after last night again landing at the bottom of the leader board with just 9 points. Judges last night were agreed he was half a beat behind in his Jive routine.

Instead it was Michelle Bridges, who was strong on 22 points, who was sent packing. A week earlier another favourite, Olympia Valance, was cut from the show.

Host Amanda Keller described the elimination as another shock to the show, suggesting that favourites were not attracting votes because everybody presumed they were already safe.

Denise Scott returned to the show last night to help out after Grant Denyer was absent due to illness, and delivered the gags despite the short notice.

Next week Bindi Irwin will guest judge.



  1. According to Wiki, it’s semi-final week already next week. It’s a short 8 week series this time. I wonder if it will be back next year?

  2. I think the elimination process for DWTS would benefit from a model the X Factor used to have. The public still get to vote their 50% with the judges’ scores, which would determine the bottom 2 or 3 dancers. The bottom dancers would then have a dance off and the judges decide from there who gets eliminated. The public still get a say but ultimately, you would hope the better dancer would prevail in the dance off. Still the potential for upsets, but last week when Olympia went home over Curtley would never happen under this system.

  3. Well my thought yesterday that Sharna and Tristan giving too high a score in the first weeks causing them to have to vote higher than they should as contestants improve went out the window last night, as Michelle and Aric won the dance off as well (so 3 more points)

  4. I liked the show from day one. But Olympia and now Michelle going before Curtly is ridiculous. If he doesn’t go next elimination I’m switching off!

    • There are dodgy ways around it, I’ve heard things on Constance Hall’s FB page about people using hidden VPN things (by other supporters, not her’s – so then it was suggested ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’

      • It wouldn’t be hard to clear your cache then vote again, I guess, if people can be bothered. You can vote once a day from your computer or unlimited times with SMS.

  5. Michelle was excellent last night. Shattered to see her booted out, and Curtly, who was awful yet again survived. Voting must be rigged, only explanation I can come up with.

  6. I have been shocked each week when Curtly’s name was not called out. Surely he has to go next week.
    Denise Scott was a great addition as guest host last night. Looking forward to seeing the judges dance next week.

  7. Curtley must have the whole of Antigua voting for him and he would be loving it because each week he stays in, his appearance fee goes up! I must also add though that Michelle was in the bottom 2 another week so I wasn’t completely surprised, however, she did dance well last night in both dances so she left on a high note. I also thought Aric would help draw her more votes as he has his own following of dance students.

  8. Wonder how many votes the show actually gets thou with both the low audience ratings and not everyone who watches hardly votes ?
    That can make sense ..

    • Guess it depends on how many people are watching the replays to add to the overnight ratings, as it gets around 85,000 more on time-shifted and then Ten Play probably gets more as well.

  9. Viewer voting is heavily slanting the results on this show and making it more like a popularity contest like I’m A Celebrity. Can’t remember if that used to happen at 7. If the show comes back they need to cut it or reduce its impact. Does create an element of surprise but not worth it as it threatens the integrity of the show.

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