1. carolemorrissey

    So he was undercover to investigate the NRA & these 2 One Nation idiots stumbled along & got caught up in it. This is like something out of a comedy.

  2. Trying to get to the NRA through One Nation sounds bizarre. More likely trying to stop The Shooters Party and One Nation winning seats in Australia and getting lucky when they were invited meet the NRA. If the Russian state media set up a fake environmental group and used it to infiltrate the Greens and publish selected damaging conversations they recorded would the ABC think that was a great story?

    • “Muller’s mission was to befriend officials within the NRA by expressing concern about Australia’s laws being too strict”. What started out 3 or more years ago changed course when some muppets from Australia popped up on the scene.

    • Stop using the “What if”or “What about” excuses.

      The story is about a Far-Right Wing party selling out their own country for monetary and/or political gain.

      Greens and Russia have nothing to do with this story.

    • Oh, please. AJ is a global news outfit, you really think they are sitting around plotting ways to bring down a minor political party in Australia? It clearly started as an NRA investigation, and then morphed when the two One Nation clowns dropped a scoop in their lap.

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