Luke Jacobz to host The Proposal

Luke Jacobz is back at Seven, announced as host for upcoming dating show, The Proposal.

Based on a US series it will see strangers meet on TV and conclude with a marriage proposal in just sixty minutes.

Eight eligible singles will vie for the affection of one mystery suitor.

“Proposing to my fiancé Raychel was one of the most nerve-wracking, exciting but rewarding experiences of my life. I’m hoping that my very recent proposal might give our singles even more confidence,” said Jacobz.

“I have always wanted to get married and start a family…there’s no greater feeling knowing that you’ve met the one, that you’re now part of this amazing team. I love that I get to be a part of other couples taking the leap too.

“I’m so happy to be attached to this very new and exciting project. Who doesn’t like to watch people fall in love? To be a part of a couple’s story, and to be there the day they become engaged is a pretty amazing thing.”

The Warner Bros production will premiere later in 2019.

In The Proposal, male or female singles will attempt to woo the concealed mystery suitor with their words in a first impressions round; bare their souls in a beachwear round; answer the mystery suitor’s most pressing romantic and confronting questions in round three; and strive to receive a seal of approval from the mystery suitor’s most trusted family member in the final round.

After each phase, the singles who fail to connect with the mystery suitor are whittled down, leading to the dramatic and highly anticipated reveal, when the two remaining singles finally meet the mystery suitor for the first time who presents their romantic proposal.


  1. They should have got him in to host australia got talent reboot. The will bomb for sure. Like that other show did they everyone knew it was a ninja warrior copy lolz

  2. Sounds like Ch7 are copying MAFS to me they want some of MAFS ratings….since it overtook MKR, but Ch7 certainly don’t like anyone copying them that’s for sure!

  3. The concept of strangers ending up in marriage proposal in 60 minutes seems utterly absurd and ridiculous. It’s not entirely improbable that it could end up being a successful marriage, however, I think the probability seems low as there would not be enough time to contemplate a life-long commitment in 60 minutes. The couples should maybe at least live together for a little while, or go on a few dates. It’s less likely for there to be successful conjugal arrangements when there is the time pressure of 60 minutes. I respect Luke Jacobz work in the television industry over the previous decades, however, this concept is a miss from me.

  4. TasTVcameraman

    Unfortunately 10 has not good a good lead in, well they have if they do it correctly but they dont. Trim the Project back to a half hour and start your other shows at 7.00. What were the numbers for 10 news before Jennifer Keyte took over, I liked her on 7 but I don’t know but no spark there now, or trim your news back to 30 mins, ABC can do it. I enjoyed Magnum and Kojak and Columbo on Peach on Sat night.

  5. thedirtydigger

    The race to the bottom continues. I don’t know about you, but does this show remind you of a few others in this genre? If MAFS and The Bachelor had an evil baby, I think this would be it.

    • That almost implies that MAFS and The Bachelor are somehow not evil (which they most certainly are).

      This concept sounds at least a wee bit more wholesome as I cannot see much room for bitching (I would trust Seven to find a way). Ironic considering how Western cultures view arranged marriages and polygamy unfavourably and yet shows which seem to promote spontaneous commitments and polyamormous relationships (*cough* The Bachelor franchise) are so popular.

  6. Mr game show fan

    Oh hell no.
    Unfortunately because it is going to be on Channel 7 it will rate at least good. I want this show to fail so badly.

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