Michelle Guthrie settles with ABC

Does it get any briefer than this?

“The ABC and its former Managing Director, Michelle Guthrie, are pleased to announce a resolution to their Federal Court litigation,” an ABC statement has announced.

“The details of the resolution will remain confidential. No further public statement will be made regarding the resolution by the ABC or Ms Guthrie.”

The settlement over an unfair dismissal claim comes a day after Ita Buttrose was confirmed as the next ABC Chair -she is yet to be formally installed in the role.

On Thursday Buttrose declined to comment on proceedings while legal action was underway.


  1. The ABC have certainly used the convenient confidentiality clause to hide their embarrassment on this matter, as the ABC is a tax payer funded organisation it should have to provide disclosure of all its funding including payouts to ex Managing Directors to its benefactors, the Australian tax payer. Based on this settlement it would be easy to make a judgement that money heals all grievances eventually, the ABC cries a lot of crocodile tears about lacking proper funding then goes out of its way to protect the pecuniary status of its higher paid celebrity employees and top management staff.

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