My Kitchen Rules hits all-time low

Ratings: At just 662,000 MKR's poor season rings alarm bells. And an SBS doco rises to second in its slot.

In its 10th season My Kitchen Rules has hit an all-time low of just 662,000 viewers last night, finding itself doubled by the competition and very nearly beaten by ABC shows.

While MAFS has sucked the oxygen from other free to air television and 10 has languished at alarming numbers, the trajectory of MKR‘s 10th season has largely slipped under the radar. It’s clear viewers have hit fatigue with the long-running show and there must be big concerns about plans for a second season this year, even if it isn’t fronted by Pete & Manu.

Last night viewers were drawn to the physical altercation on Married at First Sight (normally an action that gets you booted by producers) at 1.41m. Nabbing third place was ABC at Hard Quiz‘s 627,000 and 7:30 on 592,000.

10’s Bondi Rescue was in fourth place at 370,000/ 328,000.

Elsewhere SBS doco Australia in Colour was strong at 339,000 -rising to second in its timeslot after 9pm. Law & Order: SVU on 163,000 / 158,000 was fifth in its slot and beaten by 9Life’s Talking Married on 218,000. SVU really should shift to 10 Bold pronto.

Meanwhile a Seven News special on Cardinal Pell’s sentencing led its slot at 232,000 viewers. ABC News had 103,000 across its slot from 9am-12pm. Today Extra was 96,000 from 9-11am.

Nine won the night at 36.0% then Seven 26.9%, ABC 15.8%, 10 13.6% and SBS 7.7%.

Nine News was 930,000 / 911,000 then A Current Affair (808,000), New Amsterdam (460,000), Hot Seat (456,000 / 275,000). True Medical drew 182,000.

Seven News won its slot at 950,000 / 875,000. Home & Away was 628,000 then The Chase (565,000 / 369,000). A repeat of Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy was 277,000.

ABC News (685,000), Rosehaven (454,000), QI (225,000), Get Krack!n (216,000), The Drum (205,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (165,000) comprised ABC’s night.

The Project (397,000 / 253,000) led for 10 and 10 News First was 372,000. Pointless was just 174,000.

On SBS outside of its doco, Great British Railway Journeys was 165,000, SBS World News was 139,000, McMafia was 109,000 and Gourmet Farmer was 104,000.

Sunrise: 270,000
Today: 178,000
News Breakfast: 120,000 / 44,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 13 March 2019

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  1. They need to get some more guest judges in the earlier part of MKR season, more female ones would be refreshing. Colin Fassnidge needs to go, rude, not enjoyable to listen to or watch.
    Agree with the comments about how once a shows starts relying on gimmicks like promoting bitchiness & fake drama its hard to go back & still be successful. Obviously not enough people out there like me watching it because it is not full of drama this year. Having said that i don’t watch full episodes every night, & will probably not bother as the months go on, its just too long & time consuming for casual entertainment for me.

    1. Yes, I fairly much agree with that.

      Ch7 have over-milked MKR this year and have consequently achieved not much more than alienating a lot of its audience. Two hour eps at the beginning of the season was just way too much of an ask.

      MasterChef AU usually has 5 eps per week as against MKR’s 4 eps per week; but MCA eps are usually just 60 to 75 mins per ep (sometimes 90 mins); in general, MKR requires more viewing hours pw than MCA. I’ve watched MKR from season 1 but doubt that I will back for another season.

  2. I was watching the George Pell verdict live on Nine, and they changed their graphics from Today Extra to Nine news – I have to ask, why must they make that highly annoying ‘swish’ noise each time a title changes? I noticed it in this evenings 6pm and its one of those things once you hear it, you can’t stop hearing it…

  3. The My Rules format is need of revamping it seems, as these My Kitchen Rules ratings are following a similar trajectory that My House Rules got last year.

    MHR Debuted on May 07th: 607,000:

    MHR Finale on July 30th: 853,000. Winner Announced: 915,000:

    Will be interesting to see if MKR can better those MHR Finale/Winner ratings and what MHR will do off the back of MKR this year.

  4. I still watch MKR every night and am very disappointed seeing this. I’ve watched just about every episode since one of the early seasons and can’t believe it is constantly being beaten by such turd on a certain rival network. At least MKR has substance. Yes the focus may have shifted slightly and I haven’t been a fan of that don’t get me wrong but there is no doubt that cooking is still at the heart of the show. Otherwise there would be no show!! As I have been saying, it says a lot about the sad state of affairs of Australian society that all we seem to care about is sex and love from the amount of dating shows around these days. Cooking is a nice change from all that

  5. Yes MKR is dying, but it did have a mighty run. I was a big fan, but only watched the first ep of this season and didn’t like where it was going, so stopped watching. MAFS won’t last either, once viewers realise it is nothing more than a poorly scripted drama, performed by amateurs.

  6. Well well well. After trumpeting the 10th Anniversary Season of MKR Seven has killed it. And what’s worse is it’s only part way through this season (and if there’s a part 2 later in the year – ouch!)

    Not enough core devotees are watching to lift it when Ten and Nine begin new reality offerings such as Bachelor In Paradise, The Block, Love Island etc.

    What a pickle! (pun intended). They have not only killed the goose that laid the golden eggs, they have burnt it.

  7. MAFS can very quickly go the way of MKR, make it all about the bitching and your premise second, means once you go back to your premise and lose the bitching nobody watches. Same happens with Bachelor etc, but its shorter and still keeps the focus on the main love interest so it doesnt keep going and going 4 nights for 3 months.

  8. I agree, I think alarm bells are ringing at 7. To mix metaphors they have milked the golden goose too long. I mean 4 nights a week for 1.5 to 2 hrs at a time, going for approx 3 months and a 2nd series later this year, that is just lazy programming. The same will happen with MAFS. I Note the UK version is starting and guess what, it is just 4×1 hour programmes. That is the way not to get viewers fatigued.

  9. MKR lost the plot when they took the focus off good cooking and concentrated instead on personalities and confected conflict around the dinner table.
    I agree, from having watched bits of it this year, that it is very stale now, Pete and Manu need to be replaced as hosts, and there are far too many teams now competing for the main prize.
    I’m not sure what else Seven and Ten can do to compete with MAFS right now, its dominance over social media and radio and other media guarantees it always has the requisite hype about it.
    As for the ABC, I think Get Kracking is awful. Yes, I know it has a devoted fanbase, and it’s obviously a sendup of commercial morning TV programs, but frankly I don’t think it’s either very funny or very good satire, certainly far inferior to similar things the ABC has produced in recent times.

      1. I started off not really liking the Kates, then really liking one, but not the other but now I’m a fan of their whole show and how they play off each other. Persistence rewards with them I reckon. Helen Biddou needs more airtime, she’s hilarious!

  10. Seven News special on Cardinal Pell’s sentencing led its slot at 232,000 viewers. ABC News had 103,000 across its slot from 9am-12pm. Today Extra was 96,000.
    Remember when Nine could claim “When news breaks people turn to Nine” (or words to that effect).

  11. I have been a fan of MKR and have watched it from episode 1. It has become stale though, as much as I like Pete and Manu, it needs new hosts. It also needs less episodes, with nearly 50 each season it’s way too long and maintaining interest becomes difficult.

  12. Get Krack!n was just sensational last night. Compulsive viewing – brutal and skewering.

    No series 4 announced for Rosehaven at the end of series 3 – that’s not necessarily a bad thing – Oz television has a lot to learn about leaving the punters wanting more.

    1. ‘Oz television has a lot to learn about leaving the punters wanting more.’ ???

      Name a recent narrative Oz comedy that has gone for longer than 3 seasons. I can think of Please Like Me (4) and Kath & Kim (4 I think?). Utopia is about to enter a 4th. Otherwise, they generally only do between 1 and 3 seasons.

    1. Surely CBS have quality shows they can air. There is plenty of good shows coming out of Canada as well these days. Tens programmers need to review their whole schedule. Their early evenings are the problem and that can’t be ignored. Repeats of anything would rate better than Pointless.

        1. yes they should take of Pointless, put on repeats then fail to me the 55% first run local content requirement and lose their licence. Brillant. Ever consider there’s reason why you aren’t being paid 200k to programme a TV network?

      1. NCIS (257k), NCIS:LA (186k), NCIS:NO (too low to be mentioned), Madam Secretary and H5-0, McGyver, (already relegated to Bold). CBS has Young Sheldon, TTBT and God Friended Me but they don’t distribute them and they belong to other networks in Australia. They do have Seal Team and Bull unaired, but they don’t rate any better. There are only 2 US shows rating OK. The Good Doctor (down to 549k) and New Amsterdam (460k) the rest are all doing terribly have have relegated to late night or secondary channels.

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