Nine, 10 settle dispute over 10 Boss

Nine and 10 have ended their dispute over the logo and branding of 10 Boss.

Both parties have agreed to cover their own costs with a court dismissing the case last Thursday.

Prior to Nine’s merger, Fairfax Media commenced legal proceedings against Network a brand within the Australian Financial Review while 10 Boss centres around “bold, confident characters.”

10 relaunched its ONE multichannel as 10 Boss on October 31st and previously adjusted the design after complaints from Fairfax. Originally their logo had a number 10 sitting in a circle, next to the word BOSS. It responded to the complaint by rebranding as 10 BOLD.

Mumbrella reports both networks declined to comment.


  1. timmydownawell

    Pathetic of Nine really to have taken this action in the first place. And I was surprised 10 capitulated so quickly but perhaps they didn’t feel it was worth paying to defend.

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