Oops. Phone call for Denise Drysdale.

Any crew member will tell you, if your phone rings while a shoot is taking place on set, then you have to buy a slab of beer for everybody.

And that’s just what Denise Drysdale agreed to do after her phone rang this morning Live during Studio 10.

Sarah Harris answered the phone to discover it was Ding Dong’s cabbie confirming her 12:15 pick up time. It was a tad reminiscent of Lisa Wilkinson’s kids calling her when she was on Today -although that turned out to be a prank.

By the end of the episode the cabbie had made it onto the show itself.

Nice to see Ding Dong back at the desk, even if she forgot to turn her phone to silent!


  1. Lol. I watched the first half hour of Studio 10 this morning, and Denise’s contribution to the George Pell sentencing discussion was just embarrassing. She kept interrupting Joe, who is very knowledgeable on law, with ridiculous, uneducated comments. I think they should only have her on for funny, lighthearted segments, and leave the serious discussion to those who have a clue.

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