Renewed: The Blacklist

US drama The Blacklist, starring James Spader, has been renewed for a seventh season.

“Congratulations to our amazing producers, cast and crew, all of whom continue to work at the top of their game and make The Blacklist one of NBC’s signature series,” said Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, Co-Presidents of Scripted Programming, NBC Entertainment.

Season six, which has two episodes remaining in the US, is averaging 7.3 million viewers overall in L+7 ratings and has been a strong performer in delayed viewing.

Season six is currently screening late on Sunday nights on Seven.

Source: Chicago Tribune


  1. Thankfully I am able to record this to watch….Channel 7 are hopeless but they don’t care because I am not their target demographic….one of my favourite shows and James Spader is one of my favourite actors.

  2. It’s eye opening to see how shows keep getting renewed after years in the US, yet many of these flop big time in Season 1 or two here!

    And not saying Blacklist did (in fact S1 on Seven rated well if I recall), just using this story to highlight.

    • They “flop” because the networks treat the shows so badly that a lot of people watch them through other means. I haven’t watched a US drama on FTA since channel 9 first bumped Fringe. It’s not worth the hassle of chasing shows around the program guide or the endless waiting for shows to air or different networks having related shows and airing them at different times or having to watch on some 3rd rate SD channel.

    • The problem in Australia is shows get pushed around the schedule and many of us get sick of viewing them when the show you enjoy is aired at various times of the day and move to different days of the week. The biggest thing for me is they tend not to air them as they are aired in the US and park them for a later date.

  3. This is also currently airing Tuesday nights as well as Sunday night. Such a shame this show (one of my guilty pleasures, can’t get enough) has been pushed out to midnightish by 7.

    • By IMDb and a couple of other sites have it has 2 to go until March 22nd (US time) and then the dates only have 2019, though a couple of other sites have 2 episodes airing on March 29th Robert Vesco/The Osterman Umbrella Company, so there may be a mid-season break. Previously it used to air Sept to Nov and come back in January, season five ended 15 Nov. 2017 and came back 3 Jan. 2018, so just under 2 months (50 days), so that may be what the article David linked to is referring to.

      • There is an episode on 15th, 22nd and a double episode on 29th in America scheduled. That is 4 episodes that can be seen. Also…
        NBC has renewed its veteran drama “The Blacklist” for a 22-episode sixth season, a network spokesperson confirmed this evening.

        The Peacock further detailed the project as follows:

        “The Blacklist” stars James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Harry Lennix, Amir Arison, Mozhan Marnò and Hisham Tawfiq. etc etc

        • So like I thought, from what I said I saw two conflicting things on whether the double episode would happen and by what you have put up the March 29th double will will happen and be the last then a mid-season break. So again probably what that article David linked to and took his 2 episodes to go from, so they are stopping in 3 weeks (March 29th) counting this weeks episode and not going to May.

      • The Blacklist got dropped from NBC’s fall lineup because its ratings dropped. S6’s ratings with 18-49s is way down on S1. But with the OS and streaming revenue it is still profitable, and is being used as a mid season show. S6 is rating 1/3 what S1 did in the US. Viewers have lots more choices and they don’t still with shows as much anymore. Australian viewers seem to get bored of US shows very quickly. Seven moved The Blacklist to late night slots, after its ratings dropped.

    • Looks like it id going to May as you said, as there are now episodes listed up until April 19th USA date. So yep the Chicago Tribune linked and quoted 2 to go was incorrect, so yeah I was also incorrect on my thoughts … apologies for the doubt.

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