Report: ABC paid $500,000 to Michelle Guthrie to drop lawsuit

ABC paid former managing director Michelle Guthrie almost half a million dollars to drop an unfair dismissal law suit, according to the Australian Financial Review.

The figure comes on top of an $800,000 termination payment

Her legal case was settled last week but there were questions around the confidential details.

AFR suggests there were plans to resolve the dispute before the appointment of new chairman Ita Buttrose. But last-minute legal hitches delayed completion of the deal until Friday, after PM Scott Morrison announced Buttrose’s new role.

A spokeswoman for ABC acting manager director David Anderson and the previous acting chairman Kirstin Ferguson said: “I have no comment to make.”


  1. So i guess that means the ABC had no confidence they would be able to successfully defend the unfair dismissal. Surely someone should be dismissed if they aren’t very good at their job. Guthrie had better lawyers? ABC didn’t want to be seen to spend more taxpayers money on defending the case? so many Q’s….

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