Seven reveals Ladies Night cast

Georgie Parker, Lynne McGranger, Lisa Curry & Casey Donovan amongst celebs ready to strip for a good cause.

Seven today announced the names of the eight female celebrities ready to disrobe to raise awareness for
women’s health, particularly breast cancer.

Ladies Night host Georgie Parker is joined by Lynne McGranger, Simone Callahan, Lisa Curry, Casey Donovan, Ella Hooper, Rachael Finch and “fashionista/WAG” Nadia Bartel.

Rehearsals are underway with choreographer Todd McKenney.

The Real Full Monty which last year drew 2 million national viewers is also set to return this year.

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  1. I did enjoy The Real Full Monty, but somehow feel that the ladies version is disrespectful to women. I suppose the ladies wouldn’t have signed on for it if they were uncomfortable with it. I’m assuming/ hoping for their sake that underwear remains on.

  2. The men’s was great last year and it’s good to see women’s turn now. But like c’mon, the ‘whos who’ of Seven (McGranger, Finch, Parker and Bartel is AFL linked which Seven air)

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