The Front Bar whips The Footy Show

Ratings: Nine's revamped AFL show falls in its second outing. Australia in Colour finishes solid for SBS.

Week 2 for the revamped Footy Show was always going to be tough.

Last night it drew just 163,000 viewers (including on multichannels in 2 cities) despite its million plus lead-in from MAFS. That was down from 290,000 in its return last week.

The Front Bar drew 383,000 across 5 cities, also down on last week’s 400,000. In their Melbourne hometown Seven’s show (277,000) thrashed Nine’s (96,000).

Married at First Sight was again #1 at 1.37m and topped the demos. My Kitchen Rules was second in its slot at 732,000.

Hard Quiz (657,000) and 7:30 (594,000) snared a combined third place leaving Bondi Rescue on 321,000 / 316,000.

The final Australia in Colour drew 304,000 for SBS, on par with last week pushing to second in its slot after 9pm.

Nine network won Wednesday with 34.8% then Seven 27.7%, ABC 16.1%, 10 14.0% and SBS 7.5%.

Nine News won its slots with 902,000 / 877,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (766,000), Hot Seat (471,000 / 271,000). New Amsterdam was 229,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News drew 879,000 / 841,000 for Seven. Home & Away was 621,000 then The Chase (496,000 / 311,000), Modern Family was 297,000 / 182,000.

ABC News (694,000) The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (525,000), Get Krack!n (247,000), QI (220,000), The Drum (192,000).

The Project (397,000 / 256,000) was best for 10 then 10 News First (386,000). Law & Order: SVU was just 198,000 / 168,000 and Pointless was 161,000. Later Sports Tonight drew 62,000.

Elsewhere on SBS Great British Railway Journeys was 158,000 then Gourmet Farmer (124,000), SBS World News (117,000) and McMafia (116,000).

Talking Married topped multichannels at 238,000 on 9Life.

Sunrise: 298,000
Today: 187,000
News Breakfast: 120,000 / 43,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 27 March 2019

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  1. I missed last night but I’ll have to check it out. I’ve found GetKrack!n quite uneven. Really enjoyed the Echuca special and the Disability ep but episodes either side were less successful.

    1. They’re networks, run as networks. Front Bar would be bringing in lots of money for Seven, Andy Maher only explicitly mentions “brought to you by Carlton Draught” before/after every ad! Plus the network has AFL rights so may be tied in with other sponsors.

      By saying “who cares” or “what’s the fuss” does sound very naive, in my opinion. And I don’t claim to be an expert here, just using logic.

  2. Get Krack!n was off the charts last night and I loved it, at one point I found myself giving Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell a standing ovation (seriously I stood up and applauded).

    1. I got the same feeling of jawdropping astonishment from Miranda and Nakkiah’s performance as I got from, say, Tom Ballard’s climate change speech on Tonightly. The situation may have been fictional in this case but the anger and emotion was very real.

      1. David – I haven’t watched The Footy Show since 1997. (I’m an occasional viewer of The Front Bar). But if, as you reported – the revamp is more akin to Before the Game – then the program needs a change of name. Over 25 years it has built a brand and an image and an expectation – if the program is offering something new, it needs a new name.

    1. Watched it up here on catch-up, I really think keeping the name ‘the footy show’ doesn’t help this situation. I can’t see too much difference in the set, to me it looks like watching last years footy show, just with different people.

      I really thought they would have modelled the show off 7’s AFL game day. This show, is more close-up and intimiate, which the 9 show needs. The way it is currently, you seem to wait for Eddie and Sam to enter at any point. Shame, because the current team are quite good together.

    2. Well I live in Perth. I used to watch the Footy Show but now I don’t miss an episode of the Front Bar. You also need to keep in mind that these shows are generally shown on a Thursday night, so figures might improve when these shows get into their normal Thursday night routine.

  3. No one outside Melbourne would really care about Front Bar figures or Footy show numbers .Looking at those figures no one else watched the Front Bar in any great number other then Melbourne

    1. It is a big deal. Second most watched show of the night in the biggest TV market in the country. Yes, more people watch TV in Melbourne than Sydney.
      This blog would of given a lot of coverage to The Sydney Footy Show when it had turmoil over the years. Its probably easier to scroll past things that don’t interest you than to criticize.

  4. I don’t know what Nine are thinking keeping Talking Married on 9Life. With ratings for the main programme being as high as they are, you would think that the complementary programme would also rate its sock off on the primary channel (especially with all the ridiculous media coverage that it gets). Considering that nothing that Nine broadcast after it managed to even crack the top 20, surely Talking Married would rate at least 500,000 (though there is potential for a whole lot more), and besting The Chase’s threshold of 310,000 would have been child’s play.

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