Virginia Trioli returning to News Breakfast

Virginia Trioli is back at News Breakfast on ABC next Monday.

Lisa Millar has been co-hosting with Michael Rowland in her absence.

The show has been scoring good ratings, including recently outranking Today in national figures, across its two channels.

Wake up to intelligent and engaging news coverage, lively conversations and compelling guests.Virginia Trioli returns with Michael Rowland, Georgie Tunny and Nate Byrne for all the information you need to start the day.

6am Monday on ABC / ABC News.


  1. This show just outclasses the other two by a longshot. Whenever I’m in Australia it’s always my morning stop! Virginia is a class act.

  2. Where’s she been? On holiday?
    Gonna miss them when daylight savings ends and Qld don’t get ABC Breakfast at 5:30am. So annoying for early birds who aren’t at home at 6:00am!

  3. That’s very disappointing . Not that I’ve got anything against Virginia, I just think Lisa and Michael are a good combo and clearly ratings are up because of this.

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