Votes open for The 1000 Greatest Songs of All Time

MAX will again countdown of The 1000 Greatest Songs of All Time over the Easter long weekend from noon Friday April 19 until Monday April 22.

Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones and Amanda Keller will host the countdown compiled from viewer votes,  industry experts, chart ratings and song popularity (isn’t that chart success anyway?).

“Jonesy and I don’t always agree on which songs should be where in the countdown, but that’s part of the fun! It’s always so interesting to see where your favourite songs place in a countdown like this, and I can’t wait to see who makes it to the top 10 and takes out the number one spot,” Amanda Keller said.

“Power to the people! I love countdowns like this because you get to hear so many great songs you haven’t heard in ages, there is no better sound track to the Easter long weekend!” Jonesy added.

Fraser Stark, Group General Manager, Foxtel’s Entertainment & Music channels said: “MAX stands for Great Music – not the kind of songs that are here and gone – but the soundtrack that lingers forever in our common memory. As such the annual Easter countdown of the very Greatest Songs is the pride and joy of the channel. Aficionados vote in it, MAX viewers tune-in to it in droves, we endlessly fight about it at work. For our favourite child how could we find better custodians than Jonesy & Amanda? Their knowledge of the music is comprehensive – their passion is contagious – their wit and charisma make them the most dynamic, entertaining duo working in Australian radio today. Having them host The 1000 Greatest Songs of All Time is a privilege and a pleasure. Smiles all round at MAX.”

You can vote from a pre-selected list here, with a chance to win $5000.


  1. These polls are inherently flawed.
    How do you factor in artists like the Beatles who have a plethora of songs that would be peoples favourites thereby splitting the vote compared to the Knack or Mark Ronson who would only have one

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