90 year old Emily loves her Gogglebox career!

After turning 90 in March Gogglebox‘s Emily Milligan must surely be the oldest Aussie regularly appearing on TV screens! (hmmm that deserves a mention in the Logie Awards).

In a (belated) honour to this occasion, TV Tonight asked her how she celebrated the big event?

Emily: We were filming on my birthday but the biggest surprise was arriving to shoot and having the crew and Isabelle and Kerry sing happy birthday, showering me with flowers, balloons, champagne and cake. Isabelle is planning a big party for me next month and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me then!

Did the crew (or any other Goggleboxers) celebrate the occasion too?
Emily: I received lovely video messages from the other Googleboxers and was overwhelmed with the amount of birthday wishes from fans online!

At 90 you are surely the oldest woman to be appearing regularly on Australian TV! How does that make you feel?
Emily: It’s all unreal and I never thought I would be doing this at my age! I feel very lucky to have such a valued voice just being myself with my dear family by my side.

What keeps you young and what’s your secret?
Emily: An open mind. I read a lot and I try to keep up with news and current affairs. We are always learning even at my age. I keep myself active, go to the gym, swim and keep connected to people socially.

Have you enjoyed the Gogglebox experience or do they make you watch dumb reality shows?
Emily: I love the experience of Gogglebox. The crew are like family and being with Isabelle and Kerry is so easy as we have always spent so much time together. The only thing I can’t stand is watching vacuous and superficial reality shows. I’d rather have a nap.

How do you handle TV fame?
Emily: I actually enjoy it because people are so nice and say such lovely things. It makes it worth doing the show if so many people are getting a laugh out of it or find it entertaining. It makes me proud.

Which shows are your favourite?
Emily: Insight, Australian Story, Four Corners, and anything with David Attenborough in it!

Congrats Emily!

With thanks to Isabelle Silbery for her assistance!

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