Airdate: Laugh-In: The Stars Celebrate

Really looking forward to this one….

Laugh-In: The Stars Celebrate the 50th anniversary tribute to the original series by Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, is due to premiere on Netflix on Tuesday May 14 according to US press.

The special, which was taped at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, pays homage to the iconic 1960s series and includes Lily Tomlin, one of the original stars, playing her iconic Edith Ann and Ernestine characters.

The lineup of celebrities for the tribute includes Billy Crystal, Tiffany Haddish, Chelsea Handler, Neil Patrick Harris, Snoop Dogg, Michael Douglas, Jay Leno, Rita Moreno, Margaret Cho, Bobby Moynihan, Rob Riggle, Tony Hale, Jameela Jamil and many more.


  1. It’s actually the 52nd Anniversary but you can bet your sweet bippy that no-one is counting and will sock it to you. The not so dumb blonde Goldie Hawn was one of the Bikini girls.
    The switchboard operators and tea-ladies were the gossip centres of many a company for decades.

  2. Hmmm. I can’t help thinking it’s a fairly brave move to celebrate Laugh-in in the #MeToo era. While the show struck a hip and progressive attitude at the time, it was actually astoundingly demeaning to women in ways almost too numerous to count. The regular female characters ran the gamut from the dumb blond to the dried-up old spinster, and “women’s libbers” were mostly the butt of jokes. Sketches were interspersed with prurient shots of women dancing in bikinis, but there was never any similar objectification of men. And there were jokes and sketches about everything from rape to women drivers that are now just deeply unfunny, even before you consider them politically incorrect. I wonder if this celebration will acknowledge any of this, or simply draw a veil over it all.

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