Al Jazeera did not consent to footage shown by A Current Affair

Nine has defended screening leaked footage of One Nation candidate Steve Dickson at a US stripper’s bar last night, on A Current Affair.

Al Jazeera, which filmed the material during its How to Sell a Massacre documentary, has condemned the use of the footage which it chose not to broadcast.

Phil Rees, who runs Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit tweeted, “Important to say. The material was gathered but a decision was made by Al Jazeera not to broadcast it as part of the investigation, How to Sell a Massacre.

“Despite Al Jazeera’s own decision not to publish the images, they have now been published without our consent.”

This morning Dickson offered his resignation to Pauline Hanson, who had previously stood by the candidate after he was seen meeting with NRA organisers in the US.

Nine today stands by its decision to air.

“The footage was leaked to A Current Affair. We stand by the story and Mr Dickson’s resignation this morning highlights the public interest in broadcasting the footage,” said a Nine spokesman.

When How to Sell a Massacre screened Pauline Hanson called for all the footage to be released.

Today she accepted Dickson’s resignation.


  1. One more reason not to vote all of them are about themselves no matter what Political party they are from, they don’t give one hoot about the country or their citizens, remember it’s not compulsory to vote its compulsory to get your name crossed off.

  2. So …this footage is enough to accept a resignation – but the other footage from the same source was a “stitch up”, “entrapment”, “edited”, “dubbed” and “cut and paste”. Seriously.

  3. Watched it all last night. Dickson has now resigned; no loss. Legal action to follow? Clive Palmer sure to pick up a few extra votes now. I’m hoping that one day we will have ‘One nation’, the mini-series; sure to be a ratings winner!!

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