Axed: Berlin Station

US spy drama has been axed after 3 seasons.

US spy drama Berlin Station has been axed after 3 seasons by cable network Epix.

The series starred Richard Armitage (Hannibal, Strike Back) as CIA officer Daniel Miller, who was shipped off to Berlin on an undercover mission to identify the source of a dangerous leak.

It also featured Rhys Ifans, Richard Jenkins, Michelle Forbes and Ashley Judd.

It screened in Australia through SBS, which is yet to air the third season.

Source: TV Line

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  1. This is old news-was announced a while back and the 3rd season was finished on SBS1 a couple of weeks ago or so-any show that deals with multiple characters doing an ongoing job in an ongoing general scenario is never going to have an ‘ending’ as such,

      1. Apologies-while I do remember reading speculation on cancellation of this show, I may be confusing actual cancellation with that of ‘Counterpart’ as both were set in modern Berlin with the same locations (The Mess) and even James Cromwell in both series.

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