Bachelor in Paradise 2019: meet the cast

Meet the 17 singles in Fiji for 10's reality dating series.

Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise kicks off on Tuesday with 17 hopeful singles in Fiji.

It includes Richie Strahan from Sam Frost’s Bachelorette season and starring in The Bachelor season Rachael from season 4 and 2018 Bachelor In Paradise. It also includes Alex B from The Bachelorette US season 13.

Osher Gunsberg returns as host in the series produced by Warner Bros. Australia.

Alex N
27, Richie Strahan’s Season (The Bachelor Season Four)
We saw her relationship sizzle when she won Richie’s heart on season four of The Bachelor Australia but unfortunately after staying strong and weathering a disgruntled viewers storm after the finale, the long-distance relationship finally took is toll on the new couple. Alex has come a long way from her last television appearance and the radio announcer and model is looking for someone who shares similar morals and beliefs, is funny, family-orientated and adventurous.

26, Nick Cummins’ Season (The Bachelor Season Six)
With her natural ability to tell a good story Alisha is looking for her own happily ever after. After not getting a chance to go on a single date on Nick’s season, Alisha is looking for a chance to find a nice, funny, normal guy that she naturally gravitates towards.

Brittney W
25, Nick Cummins’ Season (The Bachelor Season Six)
Party girl and life of the party, intruder Brittney left a lasting impression when she tried to conga line her way into Nick’s heart. While her advances weren’t as successful as she hoped, Brittany is single and ready to mingle with any guys that are taller than her.

24, Nick Cummins’ Season (The Bachelor Season Six)
Brooke won Australia’s heart during Nick’s season of The Bachelor Australia, and when she chose to leave the top three before the rose ceremony we wondered if she was the one who got away. Now this pocket rocket is back and looking for someone who is ready to reciprocate the love she has to give.

24, Nick Cummins’ Season (The Bachelor Season Six)
Cass had her eye on the prize during Nick’s season of The Bachelor Australia feeling that fate had brought them together once again. While she hoped their former connection would develop further she was left heartbroken after her hometown date. Now she is looking for someone who shares her love for the outdoors and is ready for romance with her.

25, Nick Cummins’ Season (The Bachelor Season Six)
Cat’s quick wit and straight-talking ways saw her ‘tell it like it is’ during Nick’s season of The Bachelor Australia. While this approach didn’t win her Nick’s heart, Cat is looking to make amends in Paradise. She is out to find someone who is passionate about life, willing to support her business and lifestyle and who wants to commit to love.

34, Richie Strahan’s Season (The Bachelor Season Four) and Bachelor In Paradise Season One
Ready to settle down, Rachael is intrigued to see if the man for her can be found second time around in Paradise. So far unlucky in her pursuit for love, Rachael is looking for someone who can handle her strong personality and is at the same stage of life as her. Keen to avoid drama where possible, Rachael wants to suss people out early so she knows their motives.

26, Nick Cummins’ Season (The Bachelor Season Six)
Shannon was an early favourite in Nick’s season but her lack of time with him lead to a heartfelt exit. The bubbly car care consultant is ready to move on and is looking for the right guy who will make her laugh and inspire her. Describing herself as ‘weird, wonderful and passionately happy’, Shannon hopes to find a strong connection with someone passionate.

25, Nick Cummins’ Season (The Bachelor Season Six)
Runaway bachelorette Tenille proved the lengths she would go for love during Nick’s season but unfortunately there wasn’t the time she needed to let her walls down. Looking for a man who can meet her long criteria, Tenille is hoping Paradise has a funny, humble, honest, loyal, tall, respectful and good mannered bachelor for her to fall for.

Vanessa Sunshine
27, Nick Cummins’ Season (The Bachelor Season Six)
Brutally honest and not one to mince her words, Vanessa Sunshine created a stir on her season with some of the more outspoken Bachelorettes. While she has never had a serious relationship, Vanessa Sunshine’s ideal man is both funny and genuine and not a party boy. She wants her future partner to be a man whose sincerity she doesn’t have to question and who doesn’t question hers.

Alex B
30, Rachel’s Season (The Bachelorette US Season 13)
Known for his bright coloured suits on Rachel Lindsay’s season in America, Alex is on the lookout for a relationship that has synergy. The active information systems supervisor wants the kind of relationship where they both add to each other’s lives without giving up their individuality.

31, Ali Oetjen’s Season (The Bachelorette Season Four)
Despite having his intentions questioned time and time again, Bill made Ali’s top three but fell short of winning her heart. The mechanical plumber is ready to settle down and being an optimistic believer that ‘the one’ is still out there, Bill hopes they may just be waiting for him in Paradise.

29, Ali Oetjen’s Season (The Bachelorette Season Four)
Ivan danced his way through Ali’s season before leaving during a tearful two on one date. However along with learning that whole avocadoes are not meant to be put in the blender, Ivan learnt what it was like to potentially be in love. Eager to meet his dance partner in life, Ivan is hoping Paradise will be the start of something great.

33, Sophie Monk’s Season (The Bachelorette Season Three)
This lovable financial adviser may not have won Sophie’s heart but women of Australia definitely found a soft spot for him. His passion for the outdoors sees him on constant adventures whether it be surfing, snowboarding, hiking or taking a random road trip somewhere. Time has given him the chance to evolve what he is truly looking for and if they are an older soul who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, James is interested to know more.

23, Ali Oetjen’s Season (The Bachelorette Season Four)
The self-confessed party boy caused a lot of drama on Ali’s season of The Bachelorette Australia, clashing with his fellow bachelors and speaking out of turn. Nathan says he’s learnt his lesson, but will we see another side of him in Paradise? This time around, he’s eager to meet a naturally beautiful woman who is kind and ready for adventure.

28, Ali Oetjen’s Season (The Bachelorette Season Four)
Outspoken and hot-headed, Paddy’s choice of words has previously landed him in hot water, but this mischievous gym manager wants people to know he is actually a respectful guy. A fun lad who stays true to himself, Paddy is looking to meet a driven, motivated family girl who is cheeky and takes care of her appearance.

33, Sam Frost’s Season (The Bachelorette Season One) and The Bachelor Season Four
Richie first endeared himself to Australia as the awkward second runner-up in Sam Frost’s season of The Bachelorette Australia. His romantic journey then continued in The Bachelor Australia where he chose Alex over crowd-favourite Nikki, causing massive controversy and devastating viewers. After the show, things with Alex eventually came to an end, and after taking time to heal, Richie is ready for another crack at love in Paradise.

7:30pm Tuesday & Wednesday on 10.

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