Better Call Saul delayed to 2020

It's going to be a long wait for Season 5.

In case you missed it (like I did) it’s bad news for Better Call Saul fans with the show not due back until next year.

Apparently that was revealed in financial earnings by AMC Networks.

Here are excerpts from an interview Vulture conducted with president of the entertainment networks group at AMC Networks, Sarah Barnett.

Do you have a status update on season five of Better Call Saul? When is it coming back?
We said on our most recent earnings call that the series would come back for season five next year.

Oh, I missed that. So Better Call Saul, not until 2020. That’s something else which has become increasingly common these days — big shows taking longer breaks between seasons. But if it’s what the creator needs and wants …
Yes. It’s driven by talent needs, which we would not override if it would result in a worse show.

Do you think that Better Call Saul, unlike Walking Dead, has a more limited shelf life? Are we getting close to the endgame for that series?
Well, we know clearly the end was already written before the beginning began. [Laughs.] The writers, they have a very particular, very clear sense of the arc of their show.

In terms of how much longer that has to play out, do you know?
We’re certainly getting closer to it.

You’re not going to give me anything, are you?
No, I’m really not. [Laughs.]

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  1. It strikes me as a little strange that both Breaking Bad and Better
    call Saul have never played on SBS. They both fit that “art house” style that SBS seems to demand. …or did demand.

    Then again, maybe these shows have played on SBS and I just missed them. I only became a fan of both shows very recently when finding them on DVD. Breaking Bad was TEN years old when I finally discovered it!!!. Where would I be without DVD?

    1. Breaking Bad was on ABC2 about a season behind the US and Foxtel and I was half expecting them to go with Better Call Saul as well, however they then changed ABC2 to Comedy and it never happened.

      There must be something about that season buffer with some shows, as ABC Comedy was showing The Good Place and played out seasons 1 and 2 in a row but didn’t continue on with season 3 and stopped acouple of weeks back.

  2. I don’t care how long it is delayed , I’ll still watch it.
    But would be better as an annual treat in TV land.
    Though as Jessie Pinkman might comment – ” Where’s My Money – Bitch” !

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