1. Maev....Sydney

    I watched Ambulance and then Manhunt final….not interested in budget…only good if this gov. gets in and if they keep their promises….all pollies make many promises… ?

  2. Elizabeth H

    Finally bought a new remote for my PVR (only taken 6+ months) so we have returned to recording shows and viewing in the 7.30-8.30 timeslot. Started watching Manhunt Monday night, watched last week’s ep last night and tonight we will watch the finale. Thank goodness there are shows to watch outside of MAFS.
    And agree re: 10. Really feel for them atm. We like Ambulance Australia but we forget it’s on…used to watch the British version on Saturday nights.

  3. I never watch Ambulance on Tuesday but I watch Ambulance every week via one of TEN’s multi-repeats. Usually Saturday night. Like so much on TEN it’s hard to know what’s a first-run and what’s a repeat.

    • I agree with your last sentence. Bondi Rescue on Wednesday appears to have a new ep followed by a repeat however they are presented as one ep.

      • Good point.
        “Hughesy, We Have a Problem” on Sunday night was listed on the screen guide as ‘Encore’ but looked to be first run. Its just encored 2-3 times through out the week.

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